Our Typical Construction User

FOUNDATION for Windows is America's #1 Construction Accounting Software. But how do you know if it's the right software tool for your construction company?

FOUNDATION is a good fit for your construction company if much of your work is commercial, industrial, or government, and:

You've outgrown your old accounting software, or
Your old accounting software's technology is out-dated, or
You're not using construction-specific accounting software.

Who is Our Typical User?

A large number of our construction clients were previously using an off-the-shelf accounting software package, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree, which they had outgrown and stretched well beyond its capabilities. Others are coming off an antiquated accounting software product that is no longer supported or has not kept up with current technology.

Many contractors have said that the most important features in construction accounting software are good job costing and payroll modules. When they switched to FOUNDATION, they wanted to reduce their reliance on spreadsheets and third-party software, and they wanted something easy to use that allows one-time entry with full integration with other necessary modules.

We have construction clients with as few as 10 employees doing $1 million in revenue per year, and construction clients with as many as 1,000+ employees and several hundred million dollars in revenue per year. However, the majority of our construction clients have between 15 and 250 field employees doing between $3 and $50 million in revenue per year.

See if Your Construction Business is a Fit for FOUNDATION

Give us a call at 800-246-0800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and speak with one of our experienced professionals to best determine if your construction business is a fit for FOUNDATION.

Read about some of our "Typical Users"

Our Building Success Stories profile users of FOUNDATION and offer insight into how FOUNDATION could work for your construction company.



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