Is Foundation For You?

How can you be sure that FOUNDATION construction accounting software is right for you? Assess your construction company’s needs below!

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Typical User Overview

Are we a fit?

FOUNDATION is a great fit for your construction company if you’re doing a lot of commercial, industrial or government work. You should also check out our construction accounting software if you’ve outgrown your old software, if it’s outdated or if you’re not using a construction-specific program.

So who is our typical user? 

Many of our clients were previously using an off-the-shelf program. Many were just looking for more construction-specific capabilities and a fully integrated software package.

Current Client Snapshot

Some of our clients have as few as 10 employees, doing $1 million in revenue. Others have 1,000+ employees and several hundred million dollars in revenue. The majority, however, have 15 to 250 employees in the field and between $3 and $50 million in revenue each year.