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Foundation Software has partnered with a variety of construction software vendors, hardware manufacturers and construction associations to help meet your needs.

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Construction Software Vendors


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Construction Software Vendors

Construction Payroll Services

p4c logo – helps contractors eliminate the hassles of payroll processing, taxes and construction reporting. In addition to standard payroll services, offers FREE construction reports such as Certified Payroll, EEO Minority Compliance, Workers' Comp, Job Labor and Job Hour Variance, Proofing and Union reporting not available from traditional payroll service providers. Request a quote by calling 800-949-9620 or visit

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Estimating Construction Software

*Note: Foundation for Windows integrates with all estimating programs that have an export capability. The listing below represents a sampling of the programs we work with. If you do not see a specific program on this page, please call us at 800-246-0800 or email our sales department to inquire.


HCSS – The leader in Heavy, Highway, Utilities & Environmental Estimating and Job Cost Tracking construction software.


B2W Software – Developers of ONE, revolutionary estimating construction software for the heavy construction industry. Thousands of infrastructure contractors rely on ONE to generate more accurate and profitable bids.

Carmel Logo

Carmel Software - Has been developing and selling HVAC mechanical engineering construction software since 1995. Our software includes programs for HVAC load calculations, duct sizing, refrigeration, pipe sizing, HVAC estimating, controls estimating, and psychrometrics. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients include customers throughout the world, from the Fortune 500, the U.S. Government, and large multi-nationals.


Comput-Ability, Inc. – Developers of construction estimating and control software. MIKE 2000+ estimating for mechanical insulation contractors. IKE 2000+ estimating for commercial interior contractors (drywall, acoustical ceilings, steel fireproofing). Visual Takeoff+ for Microsoft Office on screen take-off for electronic plans that interfaces to Microsoft Excel and Access.


CornerPost - Rethinking fence software! Providing the fence construction industry with easy-to-use, cutting-edge estimating tools. Interfaces smoothly with Microsoft Excel. Distributed by Cornerstone Software Inc.


CPR International, Inc. - Developers of estimating construction software since 1986. Easy-to-use, industry-specific MS Excel based software designed to save cost estimating time and effort for contractors, builders, remodelers and estimators. Programs include built-in current cost data with flexible, user-definable features and one-click reporting.


DataTracPlus, LLC - Provides insurance document management software to track certificates of insurance and/or administer wrap-up insurance. Protect yourself from third party risk!


D4Cost - D4COST is the nation's #1 building cost estimating construction software for reliable preliminary or conceptual square foot cost estimating, cost feasibility, valuation study, or budget.


ConEst Software Systems – From residential to heavy commercial and industrial construction, the ConEst2000 suite of software products has the technology tools you need to generate accurate, consistent, winning estimates.



Hard Dollar Corporation – Hard Dollar construction software products give you the edge in the competitive world of infrastructure construction.


ArenaSoft, Inc. – ArenaSoft Estimating was designed by estimators for estimators, so it works the way you want it to - not the way some programmer thinks it should work.


Oman Systems, Inc. – Oman Systems provides the infrastructure industry with computer software solutions.


McCormick Systems, Inc., - Family owned and operated since 1979, provides Windows based Estimating, Project Management, and Time & Material billing construction software for contractors of all sizes.


ProEst Estimating – The ProEst estimating software by Construction Management Software is truly a breakthrough in estimating technology. With its fully customizable databases and on-screen takeoff abilities, ProEst is the right software to fit your business. Please visit our website today for a free evaluation CD.



PULSAR - from Estimating Systems, Inc., is the leading Construction Cost Estimating software for Commercial and Government use around the world.


Quote Software's - QuoteExpress estimating construction software enables you to save time and maximize profits by automating your HVAC and Piping estimating. QuoteExpress combines easy point-and-click Windows database technology and digitizers to let you automatically input precise lengths for ductwork and pipe. Input labor and material costs once, and reuse them in every quote.


SharpeSoft – The suite of SharpeSoft’s software products provides a wealth of benefits to contractors involved in civil and infrastructure construction. Designed to increase accuracy, visibility, and efficiency, the SharpeSoft Estimator, Field Reporter, and Resource Manager systems provide a wide range of features for managing all aspects of your jobs, including cost estimating, vendor price management, bid management, job costing, progress tracking, dispatching, and equipment management.

Unlike other construction software, SharpeSoft systems are designed by a civil contractor and developed by people with real-world construction experience, so they use the same terminology and methodology that are used within the civil construction community. As a result, SharpeSoft is well-known for providing the most user-friendly and intuitive interfaces available.


Vertigraph - Supplies takeoff and estimating construction software, including:

BidScreen XL provides eTakeoff of ePlans in MS Excel.

BidPoint XL digitizes quantities from paper plans directly into Excel.

BidDataXL an add-in costing database for Excel.

SiteWorx calculates cut and fill volumes for site excavation construction.

BidWorx is our relational database estimating.


WinEstimator, Inc. – WinEst is a suite of powerful, accurate and flexible cost-estimating and cost-modeling software, with devoted users around the globe. WinEst easily integrates with leading accounting, scheduling, project management, and CAD software solutions, and delivers world-class technical support as well.  Download your free 14-day trial today at


FastEST, Inc. – Developers of fast, accurate, and easy-to-use mechanical estimating software, including FastPIPE® for plumbing, HVAC, and industrial piping estimating, FastDUCT® for HVAC and industrial ductwork estimating, and FastWRAP™ for mechanical insulation estimating.


PlanSwift, – a Textura Corporation solution, is the nation’s fastest growing digital Estimating and Takeoff Software for the construction industry. PlanSwift is the fastest and easiest to use software for accurately completing construction takeoffs on your computer screen. PlanSwift's feature-rich environment includes the ability to measure square, linear, and metric footage in seconds. PlanSwift calculates the takeoffs automatically - saving valuable time and effort. More than 20,000 industry professionals, in over ten countries, use PlanSwift to help them complete more precise and accurate bids every day.

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Prevailing Wage Software


LCPtracker…Eliminate the paper for Davis-Bacon! Web-based software for Certified Payroll and Stimulus Reporting. LCPtracker is a powerful, web-based software used to collect, verify and manage your contractor’s and subcontractor’s prevailing wage certified payrolls and related labor compliance documentation. It can validate local, state, or federal Davis-Bacon prevailing wage regulations. Because LCPtracker is collecting all the labor data so accurately, reporting for EEO, Workforce Analysis, Apprentice Utilization, Residency, and other data is extremely efficient and is automatically included with the use of LCPtracker. LCPtracker has over hundreds of government agencies and tens of thousands of contractors using it already.

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Lien Software


NCS - Since 1970 NCS has been providing the construction industry with comprehensive software solutions to ensure critical project deadlines are never missed. The National Lien Digest is an easy-to-use guide to mechanic’s lien laws in the U.S. and Canada. LienTracker™ NTO is an exclusive deadline date-based tracking software, with more than 1600 date calculations and Notice to Owner templates. LienDirect Online is an exclusive web-based lien deadline date tracking system. NCS Service Groups also provide commercial collection services; mechanic’s liens preparation and filing; and a full-service, flat fee UCC filing program to help secure your tomorrow.



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Insurance, Benefits & Human Resource

TCP Master final land FINAL

The Contractors Plan powered by Fringe Benefit Group - Saves prevailing wage contractors money on payroll burden with customized benefit plans tailored to each company’s specific needs. Our benefits platform includes retirement plans, major medical, limited medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. With the Total Fringe solution, upload one file and send in one check regardless of the number or types of benefits selected. The Contractors Plan handles the rest!


HR Technology Partners LLC - At HRTP Our vision is to offer a selection of the best HR, Payroll, Recruiting, and Time & Labor software solutions in the industry so we could help our clients select the RIGHT combination for their needs without bias.


Haughn & Associates, Inc. - With 25 years of experience, Haughn & Associates, Inc. excels in developing comprehensive bond, commercial, personal, and employee benefit insurance programs in 30+ states.



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Project Management & Document Control Construction Software


Acteon Technologies - Develops powerful, intuitive and affordable financial planning and forecasting applications for small to mid-size companies, providing solutions that improve control, management, and business collaboration.


eSUBinc – Welcome to TRACKpoint - online project management construction software created exclusively for Subcontractors. eSUB gathered input from hundreds of Subcontractors nationwide to develop TRACKpoint - a combination of best project management and the latest Internet technology.


Imadex Document Management Software Solution - Scan, copy, store, and retrieve your critical documents in a secure environment, all for $99/month. Download Imadex and get started today. 30 day free trial.


Critical Business Analysis – A full service organization that specializes in helping companies achieve success through state-of-the-art portfolio project management software and high quality professional services and technical support. Whether you develop new products, manage an IT operation, design or construct buildings or bridges, maintain facilities or install infrastructure, CBA has a project management solution to meet your requirements. Critical Business Analysis, Inc's services include Project Management Methodology and Process Development, Software Installation, Configuration and Optimization, Software Training and Professional Services Contract Staffing.

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Custom Software Solutions


PeerAssist - Designed by Owners, Chief Officers, and IT managers with over 30 years experience in the construction industry, our innovative applications leverage your existing accounting data to help escape the pitfalls most commonly faced by today’s contractors. From Extra Work Orders and Change Orders to Purchasing and Project Billings, the PeerAssist software solutions are peer-designed to improve work flow, increase cash flow, and maximize your bottom line!

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Mobile Inventory / Mobile Work Orders / Equipment Tracking


Data-Maxx provides a hardware/software solution for collecting field, shop and office labor, equipment, inventory, & production. Scanners, cell phones, Blackberrys, PDAs, wall clocks, biometric hand punches, and PCs can be used to collect data and transmit remotely. Our powerful two way integration with Foundation allows for electronic data transfer from the field to your accounting system.


jumpstart logo

With JumpStart Wireless, use your existing BlackBerrys and cell phones to send and receive vital field data to and from your Foundation Software. JumpStart Wireless eliminates paperwork, streamlining service orders, field (daily) reports, inventory tracking, asset management and time reporting. Customizable mobile applications capture field data in real-time integrating it with Foundation Software. GPS location tracking, barcode scanning, printing in field – all added features

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Scale Management Software


Creative Information Systems - presents SMSTurbo®, the scale management software package with the versatility to adapt to the demands of a growing business in an ever-changing market. SMSTurbo® is a multi-tasking, integrated scale management software system compatible with the asphalt, cement, mining, feed, timber, shipping, gravel, and waste/recycling management industries.


Scaleit USA - provides Scaleit W8 – an intelligently priced and unique approach in industrial weighing & scale software: Software as a Service – Pay Only for the Use! Evaluate at no cost. W8 works with any scale outputting an electronic signal. W8 is a speedy, flexible system for scale ticket generation, scale management, transaction & reporting functions, secure cash handling operations, inventory control, and supports many peripheral devices to enhance weighing operations and data (camera’s, fingerprint capture, signature, driver’s license scanning, etc). Your organization can expect immediate improvements in speed & accuracy of ticketed weighing operations (human error is virtually eliminated), increased thru-put, greater operational safeguards & security (nothing needs to be hand written) and improvements in profitability. Long term benefits include better organization, cross department & overall efficiency, improved reporting and data management/access. W8 easily integrates with FOUNDATION and existing ERP or CRM systems.

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Service Construction Software


Electronic Service Control - Provides users with efficient and easy ways to track customers, dispatches, customer collections, service agreements, inventory, service history and much more.

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Scheduling Construction Software


Senarc Systems – Senarc Systems develops Visual Dispatch, an Equipment, Employee and Job Scheduling software designed specifically for companies in the construction industry. With its point-and-click capability, your dispatchers can save tremendous time scheduling jobs.

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Time Keeping Construction Software

exaktime Track Manage Profit tagline

ExakTime, the leader for over 15 years in mobile workforce management solutions for construction and the field service industries. ExakTime provides companies with hassle-free time tracking of roaming and remote workers' hours, job activities, and locations in real-time with GPS and photo biometrics. We help businesses succeed with 100% accurate time records that can be synced with your accounting software to save money and increase cash flow, and summary reports for more effective field management. 


Acroprint - Heavy-duty time recorders: conquering harsh conditions without a hitch since 1969. Conveniently track employee time on-site with our sturdy battery-operated time clocks.


About Time Technologies , the award winning leader in real-time mobile data collection, has been providing innovative mobile field data collection for over ten years. AboutTime delivers a complete end-to-end solution from field data collection through “Real-Time” accounting and job cost software integration with Foundation Software. AboutTime is the construction industry leader in Mobile Resource Management (MRM) including software that provides digital form tools, Equipment / Asset tracking, GPS / Geo-Fence Location tracking, Budget and Unit Accrual capabilities, Work Orders, Change Orders, and other innovative technologies that help construction companies run their business more efficiently. AboutTime software runs natively, even without a data connection on iOS, Android, and Windows devices anywhere your employees are working.

Job Time

mJobTime Corporation -mJobTime is time tracking software designed specifically for Construction to improve productivity and save money. Reduce your payroll costs by eliminating late clock-ins, early clock-outs and long lunches. Eliminate missing or illegible paper time sheets and payday bottlenecks. Capture employee signatures, approve timecards on multiple levels, and retain audit trails for edited timecards. mJobTime - easy yet powerful mobile time tracking.

econz wireless logo

Econz Wireless is a Leader in Mobile Data Collection. ECONZ’s Timecard solution captures time, attendance, cost codes, and GPS tracking information from a field workers cell phone or blackberry device. Supervisors can clock in/out multiple team members on a single device at the same low cost. All data captured is viewable from ECONZ’s web-based portal. Easy to use and cost effective!


Data-Maxx provides a hardware/software solution for collecting field, shop and office labor, equipment, inventory, & production. Scanners, cell phones, Blackberrys, PDAs, wall clocks, biometric hand punches, and PCs can be used to collect data and transmit remotely. Our powerful two way integration with Foundation allows for electronic data transfer from the field to your accounting system.


Xora - Is a global leader in the rapidly expanding Mobile Resource Management market. With Xora's web-based solutions, companies can easily monitor their workers, vehicles and real-time. This information leads to increased productivity and utilization, reduced costs, and the ability to provide superior customer service.


Paycrew - PayCrew is a communication tool that delivers “Real Time DAILY” production measurements. It allows ALL employees access to daily production goals compared to the estimate. The man-hours and completed units are entered into PayCrew daily via the employees mobile device and approved by their team leader. The ability for everyone to view expectations and results “In Real Time” creates intelligent conversations with profits to prove it.

SkillWorks is a tool to measure and evaluate employees training and progress. Daily evaluations are done on the company standards in training. The question of how an employee gets a raise can be answered. SkillWorks accelerates cross training from the daily conversations and focus of the evaluations.

PayCrew and SkillWorks are products of Gocorp, LLC a partner with Foundation since the 90’s. Call or email us at 864-404-8510 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Business Form Providers


Dynamic Systems – Dynamic Systems offers a way to simplify business management: personalized checks, forms and supplies designed to work seamlessly with FOUNDATION for Windows construction software!


Piracle, Inc. – Create-A-Check™ provides a secure, cost-effective alternative to storing and maintaining pre-printed checks. Using standard laser printers and MICR toner, FOUNDATION clients can print checks and other financial documents quickly and securely. Create-A-Check software also offers electronic financial solutions such as ACH, direct deposit remittance printing, and positive pay file generation.

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Construction Associations and Information Providers


ABC– Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national trade association representing more than 23,000 merit shop contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and related firms in 80 chapters across the United States. ABC's membership represents all specialties within the U.S. construction industry and is comprised primarily of firms that perform work in the industrial and commercial sectors of the industry.


The – The Accounting Page is the leading accounting services directory designed to help its users find companies, services, information and more.


AGC – The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is the nation's largest and oldest construction trade association, established in 1918 after a request by President Woodrow Wilson. It is an organization of qualified construction contractors and industry related companies dedicated to skill, integrity and responsibility.

bkz banner sm y

Bookworkz – The Building Industry’s largest construction bookstore. Select from thousands of titles related to your area of business.


CFMA – The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) is respected as the premier source and resource of information and insight into the unique discipline of construction financial management. CFMA membership is viewed as essential to success and professional growth in construction financial management.


CICPAC – The Construction Industry CPAs/Consultants Association (CICPAC) is a national association of CPA firms recognized in their respective markets for providing high-quality financial and consulting services to the construction industry.


Design Cost Data Magazine - DCD publishes actual building construction costs submitted by architects and contractors nation wide. We believe there is nothing more reliable to base preliminary estimates of new construction than real, historical construction cost data.


IOMA – The Institute of Management & Administration (IOMA) is a B2B publisher of management topics in Corporate Finance; Human Resources; Legal, Design & Construction, and CPA Firm Management; Lab Management; Corporate Services; and Manufacturing.


NAWIC – The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) was founded in 1953 by 16 women working in the construction industry. It now has a membership of 5,800 with close to 200 chapters in almost every U.S. state and two Canadian provinces.


NUCA– The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) is the largest trade association working solely for the underground utility construction industry. The association represents contractors, suppliers and manufacturers involved in water, sewer, gas, electric, telecommunications, site work and other segments of the industry across the country. 



Construction Business Owner provides business management information for contractors including articles on software, accounting, green building, safety, insurance, marketing and managing people. The site includes other resources such as forms/checklists, a services directory, news, statistics and more. 

401ktest - Companies: Maximize 401k contributions for Officers and HCEs. Never fail another discrimination test.

Third Party Administrators: Become more competitive by streamlining your compliance testing procedures.

Associated Builders and Contractors believes that the common good is best served by an open and competitive marketplace; that every company, regardless of its affiliations, has the right to compete free of coercion by any group or organization; and that every person must have the opportunity and right to work. Toward this end ABC’s mission is to foster an environment that ensures our members and their employees the ability to grow and prosper.

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Construction Equipment


MobileTEK implements new and refurbished, fully and semi ruggedized mobile data computers that are commonly used in the field where conditions can be harsh such as temperature extremes, dust, vibration, excessive moisture and drops.

gciron - is the leading online source for new and used construction equipment, parts, and service. includes product images, specifications, recommended service schedules, service logs, parts assembly diagrams, and toll-free phone sales support.

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Hardware Vendors/Consultants


eTeklogics- Providers of inventory and asset tracking solutions for the mobile workforce. Tracking technologies used include GPS mapping, RFID capture, barcodes, digital imaging and voice recording.

kgc logo

KGC Computers - Provides hardware solutions, network solutions, web design/hosting, consulting and training to businesses from automotive, construction, retail to municipalities. Your emerging business and personal satisfaction depends on technology for success. We’re experts at making it all play together.

Techspert Data Services - Techspert offers a wide variety of computer services to contractors, including offsite database backups, network infrastructure design and maintenance, PC/Notebook/Server and software sales, website design and hosting, application development, and more. We are technology experts, it's in our name!


Data-Maxx provides a hardware/software solution for collecting field, shop and office labor, equipment, inventory, & production. Scanners, cell phones, Blackberrys, PDAs, wall clocks, biometric hand punches, and PCs can be used to collect data and transmit remotely. Our powerful two way integration with Foundation allows for electronic data transfer from the field to your accounting system

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Legal Firms, Insurance and Bonding Companies


HL Construction Law is a Practice Group of Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP. The Group is comprised of more than two dozen experienced attorneys providing counsel on nearly every area of law impacting the construction industry today.



The Hoffman Group Contracting division understands the Construction Industry. We provide proactive services that help increase profitability, reduce risk and protect your assets.


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Accounts Receivable Collections


Anytime Collect, accounts receivable management software, integrates with ERP and accounting systems to help companies get paid faster. With Anytime Collect, the entire receivables management process is streamlined with automated customer communications, prioritized collector activities, online customer payments, phone call logs, email templates, built-in cash forecasting and dispute management tools to improve working capital and reduce bad debt write-offs for companies across industries.




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