CPA Audit/Review Console

The FOUNDATION CPA Audit/Review Console is a unique tool designed specifically for CPAs and other accounting professionals using FOUNDATION construction accounting software.

When CPAs and other accounting professionals are doing an audit or review of a client's financials, they must do one of two things: a) request from the client all of the pertinent reports and information; or b) figure out how to use the same accounting software as used by the clients, and gather the pertinent information themselves.

In the latter case, the CPA may be expected to know several different accounting software packages, and may need to wade through reports and other information not specifically designed for the audit/review process in order to find the information they need.

The FOUNDATION CPA Audit/Review Console is a unique tool designed to put all of the pertinent information at the professional's disposal, without requiring him/her to know much or anything about FOUNDATION construction accounting software. It consists of an extremely user-friendly interface listing the reports relevant to an audit/review. The CPA must only click a button to be taken to that report and the relevant data.

FOUNDATION's reports are fully date-sensitive and show a complete audit trail, allowing an easy tie-out between modules and the General Ledger. These reports are designed to provide the information CPAs need during the audit process and were designed after extensive consultation with professionals in the industry and following industry standards.

Reports included in the CPA Audit/Review Console include:

  • Trial Balance
  • G/L to Job Cost Tie Out
  • Gain/Fade Report
  • Unrecorded Liabilities
  • Date Discrepancy Report
  • Check Cut-Off Report
  • General Ledger Materiality
  • Accounts Payable Materiality
  • Accounts Receivable Materiality
  • Job & Contact List
  • Billing Backlog
  • Over/Under Billing
  • Cash Flow by Job
  • Contract Status Report
  • Progress Schedule
  • Accounts Payable Aging Report
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • 941 Report
  • G/L Overhead Allocation Report
  • J/C Overhead Allocation Report

All of the reports can be exported to PDF, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word with the click of a button. This option allows CPAs to quickly and easily work with the data using a tool they are already familiar with.

Each report is linked to a help system that offers direction tailored to the CPA on how to read the report and what its information may be useful for. The Console also includes a printed guide to help CPAs find the exact information they need.

The Console also includes a user-friendly interface to enter adjustments to the financials as well as to contact Foundation Software for additional help or to offer input on the Console and its features.

What our clients are saying

"The FOUNDATIONsystem already offers a strong audit trail and date-sensitive reporting. Placing all of the necessary reports at a CPA’s fingertips only enhances its appeal to the accounting professional. This product will be an indispensable tool for anyone auditing a contractor’s books."

– Dave Cornish, CPA, Furrer and Associates Inc.

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