Customizable Report and Form Designers

Imagine being able to create reports that provide precisely the information you need in a format of your design. Imagine being able to create forms such as invoices and purchase orders that match your company's stationery. Imagine designing the layout of the timecard entry window so that it looks just like what you receive from the field. Imagine doing all of this without knowing anything about programming or database structure. Now you've imagined the FOUNDATION for Windows Genie Series!

What is a Genie?

With years of experience in the construction software industry, Foundation Software understands that each contractor wants to see the information from their accounting and job costing systems configured, sorted, filtered, and presented in a different way. And we know that the report writers in most construction accounting systems - if they even have one - are cumbersome and require you to write programming code or understand how the database is structured.

That's why we built the Genie Series of report and form designers.

These tools allow you to report, import, export, and input your data in the way that suits you best. And they do it using an easy-to-understand interface. All you have to do is click and drag, and you've built what you need. Just imagine!

What Genies are Included with FOUNDATION Construction Software?

  • Report writer DataGenies® for designing custom reports and lists
  • Form designers for designing printed invoices and purchase orders/subcontracts
  • TimecardGenie® for designing timecard entry screens
  • Import and ExportGenies for integrating data with third-party systems

What our clients are saying

"We started creating our own reports right away and looked at where we could improve our workflow processes, our post-project reporting and our job analysis. It was a real revelation to see all the different ways we could now look at every job cost ... and find better ways to manage them. And I think we now have a better competitive edge - and, it was incredibly easy to do."

– Ron Felix, Chief Information Officer, Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc.

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