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The Equipment Module in FOUNDATION for Windows construction software provides detailed accounting on equipment usage, cost, location and condition of your equipment, regardless of whether it's owned, rented or leased.

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Tracking General Equipment Information

The Equipment Module in FOUNDATION construction software allows users to record various attributes for each individual piece of their equipment. The system identifies equipment items with a unique code and records the following information:

  • Job Costing Rates
  • Manufacturer
  • Category
  • New or Used
  • Make/Model
  • Distributor
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Price
  • Warranty Information
  • Warranty Contact Data
  • Insured Value
  • Market Value
  • Model Year
  • Serial Number
  • Owned/Rented/Leased
  • Attachments

The Equipment Module also records vehicle information such as use (commercial or private), gross weight, number of axles, license plate, etc. The Equipment Module integrates seamlessly with both the Job Costing and Payroll modules and optionally with the General Ledger.

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Job Costing Integration

Costs and usage quantities may automatically be sent to Job Costing at the cost class level for owned, rented, and leased equipment. Actual usage and idle time may be recorded using phase, cost code or cost class and variable rates by the hour, day, week or month. Idle and down time at different rates may be costed.

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Payroll Integration

Equipment hours may be entered with payroll timecards through the Payroll module, or as separate entries within the equipment usage journal when costing out by hour, day, month or week. These options can save significant time and effort. The source of transactions is tracked for easy auditing and analysis.

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Fixed Assets Integration

The Fixed Assets Module will automatically calculate and track the depreciation as well as personal property tax valuation of equipment. You control which items should be used in both modules, and you don't need to re-enter pertinent information about the items in multiple locations.

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General Ledger Integration

Equipment costs may optionally be sent to the General Ledger to balance the General Ledger with job costing data. Accounts can vary by attachment, category or equipment item.

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Equipment Usage Tracking

Equipment usage may be kept for idle, down and in-use time. A history of this usage may be accessed by equipment, equipment classification, job, cost code and/or date range.

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Service/Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling

The Equipment Module produces service/repair codes to facilitate the automation of scheduled routine equipment maintenance. The automatically generated work can be based on hours of use, odometer readings, or time lapsed. Each piece of equipment will maintain a history of all service and repair.

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Full Expense Tracking

The system allows users to track full operating expenses such as fuel usage, insurance, labor hours, service/repair costs and property tax.

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