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The Inventory Module in FOUNDATION for Windows construction software was designed to assist contractors with the management of their inventories, including detailed tracking of quantities, types, price levels and stocking locations. The Inventory Module offers the option of perpetual quantity tracking or job-costing-only methods. With quantity tracking, the on-hand, on-order, allocated, back-ordered and available quantities are displayed in a simple summary format. With either method, detailed cost history may be posted directly to Job Costing and reported with other jobs.

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Flexible Inventory Item Setup

An unlimited number of items with descriptions can be defined in FOUNDATION construction software. Flexible categorization with multiple levels provides a powerful look-up function and report filtering.

Different units of measure for purchasing, stocking and delivery can be used for each item, and the system automatically converts these units based on user-defined conversion tables.

Multiple pricing levels offer great flexibility in billing. A simple import utility interfaces with major pricing services. Pricing and costs can be based on average, standard or last cost, and costs can be maintained by item and vendor.

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Customized Item Search Tool

FOUNDATION construction software simplifies the process of locating the correct item number from potentially thousands of inventory items you may enter in the system. Using a completely customized categorization of items, the Item Search tool allows you to drill down through the categories to find a particular item. Users may wish to set up categories as basic descriptions or as a hierarchy with up to six levels. Double-click an item to instantly use it in the related transaction.

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Multiple Stocking Locations

In addition to the main stocking location, this module allows an unlimited number of alternate stocking locations. Examples include warehouses or truck inventory. Separate inventories can be entered and tracked for each location. The module features simple and flexible recording of transfers of equipment or materials from one stocking location to another, or from stocking location to job, or job to stocking location.

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Job Costing Integration

The Inventory Module has the ability to post costs directly to job history. This can be accomplished through a job journal transaction within Inventory or through functions integrated with the following:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Equipment

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Optional Simplified Inventory

Detailed tracking of inventory quantities is possible with the Inventory Module, but for users who want a more simplified approach, the module also offers a lot of flexibility. Items can be received from vendor to job without ever becoming an "on-hand" quantity. Inventory expense can be costed to jobs without defining and tracking specific inventory items. Purchase orders and inventory receipts are optional steps, allowing the immediate costing of goods in one quick step.

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Powerful Reporting

The Inventory Module has powerful reporting capabilities for forecasting and evaluation by project management. These reports include:

  • Inventory Summary Report to track stock valuation and item cost
  • Inventory Detail Report
  • Usage Detail
  • Usage Summary
  • Use Tax Tracking
  • Sales Use Tax Report
  • Inventory Purchase Order Report
  • Quantity Tracking vs. Job Cost

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