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FOUNDATION for Windows construction software is renowned for its powerful job-cost accounting capabilities. With completely integrated tracking of job costs, reports that present information in a wide variety of formats from the big picture to the smallest detail, and broad flexibility in setup, the Job Costing Module is easily the best available.

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Powerful Job Cost Reporting

Ready-to-Use Reports

Reporting is critical - especially when it comes to job costing. FOUNDATION construction software comes with pre-defined job costing reports to get you the information you need immediately. All reports, whether pre-defined or custom, can be run by job, job status, phase, cost code, cost class, project manager, customer, geographic area, or project class. In addition, all reports can be run for any date range, any length of time, and into the past and future.

Some of the pre-defined Job Costing reports include:

  • Job History Detail
  • Job Cost
  • Job Budget List
  • Job Overhead Worksheet
  • Unit Labor Cost
  • Committed Cost
  • Unit Cost
  • Contract Status
  • Over/Under Billing
  • Work in Progress
  • Job Cost/Estimate
  • Job Cost/Estimate by Phase, Cost Code and/or Cost Class

Customizable Reporting

Sometimes you need a report that is specific to just your company. Our revolutionary Job Costing DataGenie® report designer allows you to define a wide variety of Job Costing reports from the ground up, but requires no prior programming knowledge, making it easy even for the computer novice! The simple click-and-drag interface contains tools to define the report headers, columns of data, and user-defined drilldowns - which allow you to click on one piece of information in order to drill down into related data. For example, you can set up reports to run totals per job, then click to see details per job, then per category of cost. The built-in equation editor facilitates the definition of simple equations, algebraic formulas, and if-then statements. The reports you define can be saved, reused, copied, and modified.

Production Reporting

How do you like to see production reporting? Do you prefer to see quantity produced per man-hour, man-hours per unit, or the ratio of labor-hours by cost-classification as a percent of job total? Whatever the preference, FOUNDATION's production reports can display the production formula which you consider most meaningful, allowing you to decide how to effectively evaluate jobs.

Bonding/WIP/Percent Complete Reporting

Getting and staying bonded is a must. To do this, you need to provide reporting that meets your bonding company or surety's requirements. The bonding reports produced from FOUNDATION construction software were designed with input from both a leading construction CPA firm and several bonding/surety companies. Over/under billing adjustments may be made to the General Ledger from the report, ensuring that income statements are kept up-to-the-minute with over/under billings. The system prevents over or repeat adjustments. These reports may show, in summary or detailed form, the following information:

  • Original Contract
  • Change Orders
  • Total Contract
  • Original Profit
  • Revised Profit
  • Estimated Cost
  • Revised Estimated Cost
  • Current/Prior Cost
  • Total Cost
  • Prior Profit
  • Profit
  • Total Profit
  • Current Billings
  • Prior Billings
  • Billings Over/Under Cost

Estimated vs. Actual Cost Reporting

With extensive tracking of actual costs and flexible tools for recording estimates, the Job Costing Module offers many options for comparing estimated vs. actual costs. Built-in reports as well as custom-designed reports can look at the cost breakdowns in summary or detail, and are totally date sensitive, allowing you to see an up-to-the-minute status of jobs.

Quantity Tracking

FOUNDATION construction software provides a comprehensive and flexible framework for tracking all expenses and associated quantities. Direct burden, such as employer FICA expense, union fringes, workers' compensation and liability insurance are allocated automatically.

Unit Cost vs. Lump Sum

The system allows you to alternately track costs by lump sum amounts or per-unit costs. When viewing variances and cost over/under-runs, lump-sum costs and per-unit costs will be computed independently. This element simplifies your evaluation of job progress and profitability in instances where you are paid for a job on both a lump-sum and unit-cost basis.

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Date Sensitivity and Audit Trail

Need to see how much you spent on labor for a particular project completed four years ago? Since job history transactions are preserved in full detail, reports may be run for any date range, allowing you to "go back in time" or look at the job cost picture for any length of time - two years, a quarter, a month, six weeks, a single day, etc. All transactions are date-sensitive, so the reports will always show a true reflection of your financial picture as of the selected date.

Job Costing provides detailed audit trails through all facets of the system. Automatically updated from the other modules, all transactions may be traced to their source. For example, invoices posted from Accounts Payable will retain the invoice number, vendor and transaction date. Payroll transactions may optionally retain the employee, the trade and the type of earnings (e.g., regular, overtime). This data is not only valuable for creating an audit trail, but may also be used in job analysis.

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Job Cost Tie-Out to G/L

FOUNDATION construction software provides numerous controls which ensure that the Job Costing and General Ledger Modules balance. Special reports verify the integrity of the system by validating the flow of data in both the Job Costing and General Ledger Modules.

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Flexible Cost Breakdowns

Job costs may be organized and classified in a format consistent with your way of doing business. Different breakdowns may be created to suit the type and scale of each job. For instance, on each job you may define up to four levels of costs, including any number of phases, cost code groups, cost codes, and cost classes.

Job Costing seamlessly integrates with Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders/Subcontracts, Equipment, Time and Material Billing, Unit Price Billing, Inventory and the General Ledger for up-to-the-minute reporting. Optional controls may be defined to require each expense and/or income transaction to be classified and to limit the classifications available per job.

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Budgeting Options

Estimate information can be entered as a job "budget" using a simple click-and-drag interface. You may define take-off quantities at the cost code level for dollars, hours, and units. Budget information sets up a template from which job-cost-related transactions can be categorized, preventing user error and simplifying data entry.

Complete flexibility is maintained, as budgets are optional, and unique setups can be used for each job entered. Each job cost classification attached to a job can be re-named specific to that job - without losing the ability to associate those costs with details from other jobs. Budgets can easily be revised as the project progresses.

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Integration with Estimating Software

The powerful Job Cost BudgetGenie® offers the flexibility of importing budget data from a wide variety of third-party estimating software that is capable of exporting the information. The resulting job budget can be modified and change orders entered against it at any time.

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Change Orders

FOUNDATION construction software provides comprehensive tracking abilities for change orders. Change order status can be tracked as approved, pending, cancelled, internal, or estimated. Change order amounts can be categorized using any number of cost classifications or entered as a lump sum amount. Approved and estimated change orders are reflected as changes to the budget in all appropriate job cost reports as well as work in progress, percent complete and bonding reports. Tracking the status or progress of all change orders against a job is easily accomplished. The system can extract change order data based on various selection criteria.


"We can't place a value on the confidence they [FOUNDATION's reports] provide our project managers. That benefit alone creates a marked improvement on our bottom line. More quantifiable, however, is the increased business volume - nearly 50% over the past few years. This growth is directly attributed to better technology, aggressiveness and improved financial information."

– Ron Felix, Chief Information Officer, Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc.

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