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Construction payrolls can get complicated. You've got multiple unions, prevailing wage, and multi-state and local taxes to deal with - and that's on a good day! FOUNDATION construction software simplifies your weekly payroll processing, allowing you to get your job done quickly and with confidence that the numbers are accurate. Its extensive features satisfy the requirements of all types and sizes of construction company payrolls, regardless of complexity. 

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Powerful Reporting

Proofing Reports

FOUNDATION's payroll accounting software automatically provides numerous proofing and pre-check reports, which optionally may be run for any current or historical payroll. Generally, only a few would be required in a typical payroll run.

Proofing and pre-check reports in the Payroll Module include:

  • Timecard List
  • Job Hours Proofing
  • Employee/Job Hours
  • Earnings Register
  • Pre-Check Register
  • Job Register
  • General Ledger Register
  • Tax Register
  • FUTA/SUTA Register
  • Workers' Compensation Register
  • Union Deductions/Fringes Register
  • Miscellaneous Deduction Register
  • Extra Burden Register
  • Equipment Register
  • Accrued Time Off Register
  • A/P Integration Register


History and Tax Reports

Payroll reports may be run for any date range, any length of time, and into the past and future. Historical data is never lost. In addition, reports may be sorted by employee number or name, or run for a selected range of employees and/or jobs. Many reports can be printed on pre-printed forms or prepared for magnetic/electronic filing.

Historical and tax reports in the Payroll Module include:

  • 401(K)
  • 941 Deposit (Report or Preprinted Form)
  • Accrued Time Off
  • California State Tax
  • Certified Payroll
  • Check Register
  • Department Summary
  • Earnings and Deductions
  • Earnings Detail
  • Extra Burden
  • Federal Tax Earnings
  • Federal Tax Withholding
  • FICA
  • FUTA
  • Local Tax (Print and Magnetic)
  • Michigan OJT Weekly Employment
  • Minority Compliance
  • Miscellaneous Deduction History
  • New Hire Report
  • State Tax
  • State Unemployment (Print and Magnetic)
  • SUTA
  • Timecard History
  • Union Deductions/Fringes
  • Union Deduction/Fringe Summary
  • Workers' Compensation



Magnetic and printed W2s are available. A powerful but simple wizard interface walks you through the setup of W2s and allows you to print W2s for one or multiple states and localities, and a range of or selected employees. The forms can be sorted by Social Security number or employee name. They are completely date-sensitive, so payroll can be processed before they are printed, and you can re-print prior years' W2s at any time. Multiple sets are easily produced.

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Date Sensitivity and Audit Trail

On occasion, you may need to see payroll information outside the norm, like an employee job history report for an eighteen month period. In FOUNDATION construction software, you can run Payroll history reports for any date range, any length of time, and into the past and future. Although history reports are typically run for dates within the current calendar year, the system allows cross calendar year boundaries when you need it. The ability to cross calendar year boundaries in Payroll is a powerful tool for both internal and external audits, and employee and job analysis.

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Fast and Easy Data Entry

Making Timecard Entry Easy

FOUNDATION construction software comes standard with several popular timecard formats, which allow entry of hourly and salaried time. Depending on the nature of the labor reports you receive from the field, you may choose to use one or more timecard styles in a single payroll run, including either standard or custom-designed.

Tired of entering the same timecard information over and over again? In FOUNDATION, you can define customized defaults during your initial setup that will automatically fill in those specified fields. This saves you tremendous time and prevents data entry errors. Defaults can always be overridden at a later time, and revisions are easily made. Various proofing reports are also available to help ensure the accuracy of timecard data and computed payroll.

Customizable Timecards to Meet Every Need

Wouldn't it be nice to create timecards to fit each job? Our TimecardGenie® lets you custom-design your timecard entry screen, enabling you to create an unlimited number of versions! Timecards can be designed to permit entry of time by crew, shift, job, employee, or any combination. Users may define tab order for data entry and indicate which fields should be protected from entry by default. Your timecard screen designs can be saved, reused, copied, and modified, so you don't have to recreate new timecards every time.

Easy Void Checks and Adjustments

Have you ever needed to void a check or make a simple adjustment but had to jump through hoops to get it done? FOUNDATION construction software provides you with the tools to easily make a correction to payroll history or void a check. These are straightforward procedures that can be completed automatically by entering the original cash account and check number. A complete audit trail of all transactions is maintained.

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Multiple Tax and Union Jurisdictions

In a single payroll run, an employee may work on any number of jobs in multiple states and localities. They may cross union boundaries, perform work under various trade classifications, receive different pay rates, and be subject to multiple taxing authorities - all on a single timecard. FOUNDATION will automatically select the appropriate pay rate when it changes within a pay period because of the expiration of a union contract. Prevailing wage rates can apply only to appropriate jobs and will default automatically. FOUNDATION will correctly compute all earnings, taxes, burden, miscellaneous deductions, union earnings, union fringes, and union deductions.

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Prevailing Wage/Certified Payroll

Automated Prevailing Wage/Davis-Bacon Support

FOUNDATION automates union as well as prevailing wage (also know as the Davis Bacon Act) payroll and allows automatic defaulting of the correct pay rate based on wage determinations per job or location. The system allows you to pay fringes separately from the wages, if desired, and may automatically reduce fringes based on hourly or per-pay fringe costs for each employee, saving you money for both overtime paid on fringes as well as workers' compensation. Reporting of prevailing wage work, including certified payroll, meets the various demands of federal and local authorities.

Automated Certified Payroll Reporting

FOUNDATION construction software automatically collects and prepares the data necessary for certified payroll reports, allowing quick processing at any point during a project. Certified payroll may be re-run for prior date ranges after the correction of errors or omissions. For example, if an employee was inadvertently excluded from a previously-run certified payroll, you could re-run the report at a later date. In addition, various formats are included meeting the requirements of federal, state and local agencies. This feature works for both union and non-union shops.

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Strong Union Support

Union pay rates can be defined to meet union regulations and so that the correct pay rate defaults automatically to the timecard - even when union contracts expire during a single pay period. Union fringes and deductions may be calculated based on an employee's hourly rate - with or without overtime - percent of gross, or a fixed amount. If applicable, taxable union fringes may be taken into account.

Cross or split union logic automatically determines the pay rate, how deductions and fringes will be calculated, and to which union they will be applied when an employee from one local union works in another local.

Reporting of union earnings, fringes and deductions meets the various demands of different unions.

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Minority Compliance

Minority compliance reports have been designed to meet current governmental regulations. In addition to the typical state and federal formats, payroll has the ability to extract data for most reports based on minority compliance. For example, a payroll job detail report could be supplied to support a previously submitted minority compliance report. The minority reporting feature meets the precise requirements of various government agencies and is a tremendous time saver.

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Job Cost and General Ledger Integration

Workers' Compensation and Other Burdens

In addition to tracking fringes and the employer's share of FICA expense, you may define other burden expense, allowing you to automatically allocate payroll-related overhead expenses to jobs. Workers' compensation and liability insurance are two of the more common burdens defined. In addition, Payroll will allow you to determine FUTA and SUTA burden expense up to the earnings limit established by the federal and state governments.

General Ledger Allocations

Information automatically flows from the Payroll Module into both General Ledger and Job Costing based on various pre-defined rules. For example, the system can allocate a FICA expense into a payroll tax account, or it could be distributed into different FICA expense accounts for different departments (such as field, yard, and supervision). Labor hours, dollars and union fringes instantly update Job Costing. The system also automatically attaches the job number to all General Ledger expense transactions.

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Easy Year-End Transition

With FOUNDATION, the year-end closing doesn't slam a steel door on data from previous fiscal periods. Pay periods that cross the year-end are no problem, and adjustments can be made to prior periods at any time. Date-sensitive reporting allows you to include or exclude information that doesn't fall within the current period. W2s and other tax-related documents and reports are also date-sensitive, so you can continue to process payroll as normal even without having finished the previous year's W2s - and you can even go back and print old W2s later. As with other modules, user-controlled date restrictions allow you to define the current period and to prevent posting outside it or display a warning when you attempt to.

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Other Unique Features

Miscellaneous Deductions

Any number of miscellaneous deductions can be defined within the system, including garnishments such as child or spousal support, employee loans, 401(k) with employer matching, SEP, and Section 125. An employee can have recurring deductions as well as just a one-time deduction. Deductions can be set up so that checks to the appropriate authority are cut automatically when running payroll checks.

Deductions may be calculated based on an employee's hourly rate - with or without overtime - percent of gross or net, or a fixed amount. Limits may be setup per pay period, per year, to-date or based on a percentage. They can also be set up using a formula that tests multiple conditions and/or recognizes other deductions first. Tax ramifications of government-recognized deductions are handled automatically. For example, a Section 125 deduction will be FICA, state and federal exempt, while 401(k) and SEP will be federal and state exempt.

Earning Types

An unlimited number of earning types can be defined. Examples include regular pay, time-and-a-half, double time, bonuses, premium time, sick pay, vacation pay, unpaid leave, reimbursable and non-reimbursable travel pay, and taxable fringes. The taxability of each type of earning can be controlled at the federal (including FIT, FICA and FUTA/SUTA), state and local levels. Unusual overtime factors such as 1.75 or 2.245 may be defined. The system can optionally automatically generate overtime, calculate weighted average overtime and prorate overtime over jobs worked - all based on your custom definitions of overtime.

Accrued Time Off Tracking

Simple-to-use features automate the tracking of accrued time off such as vacation, personal or sick time. Time-off may be accrued based on calendar year or employee anniversary, and may be based on hours worked - with or without overtime - or dollars earned. Limits and carryover of hours earned can be defined and will occur automatically. Time-off hours used can be recorded automatically through timecards. A time-off log and related reports make accessing remaining hours and time-off history efficient.

Taxable Fringes

The Payroll Module easily handles taxable fringes in accordance with IRS regulations. For example, an employee's company car may need to be counted as a taxable fringe. With the growing trend toward taxable fringes, this feature is quickly becoming essential for construction companies.

What our clients are saying

"The most drastic change occurred in the area of payroll. Biweekly payroll, which used to take me all day to figure manually, could be completed in just a few hours, from start to finish. Employee W2s now take a fraction of the time to complete - and we have nearly twice as many employees."

– Elaine Barrick, Office Manager, Ryan Remodeling

"Since we work in different IBEW locals with different wage and benefit rates, doing payroll was incredibly time-consuming. Implementing FOUNDATIONwas a life-saver! Just the defaulting alone makes it better than anything we ever had. And we can take on more jobs, because we're more productive than ever before."

– Charles Brown, President, Charles Brown Construction

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