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Today's business environment requires that contractors be more organized, cost-conscious and resourceful than ever before. Staying informed on every aspect of your job translates to increased profitability, not to mention providing important protection against project disputes or potential litigation.

FOUNDATION for Windows construction software users can now protect themselves and increase their competitive edge to even greater depths with our comprehensive Document Control Module, part of the Project Management suite. Built to maximize efficiency at all levels, Document Control provides immediate access to the mountains of project documentation that can accumulate on any given job. Tracking everything from within your accounting system, it delivers a whole new level of administrative control.

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Powerful Document Creation, Tracking and Reporting

The Document Control Module in FOUNDATION construction software enables everyone in your construction company to remain informed of all critical business communications. Featuring thorough document creation, tracking and reporting mechanisms, the Document Control Module allows users to:

  • Create and/or track submittals, transmittals, requests for proposal, request for information, punch lists and other important project documentation with the ability to also print these forms.
  • Track documentation you create as well as documents or forms issued to you by subcontractors, vendors, owners or any other third-party.
  • Automatically create transmittals for other documents, and automatically track document activity against its associated transmittal.
  • Link documents to one another, creating a complete audit trail of communication between project participants.
  • Create user-defined meeting types, which can be used to easily categorize and classify meetings.
  • Select meeting attendees automatically from project participants, including employees, vendors, subcontractors, customers, project managers, etc.
  • Create and print meeting agendas by selecting attendees from project participants and topics from outstanding documents and other issues.
  • Enter field logs that allow you to record weather and site conditions, tasks completed, delays experienced, staff onsite, materials received, equipment mobilization and miscellaneous notes.
  • See, at a glance, any dates for which field logs were not entered, facilitating more thorough documentation practices.
  • Create and track punch-list activity by the job, job area (such as room or floor), and responsible party.
  • Open, close and re-open punch list items as many times as necessary, keeping a permanent record of such activity.
  • Create your own statuses and required activities for documents, ensuring both flexibility and accountability when tracking the life cycle of a document.
  • Powerful, integrated text editing tools allow you to write extensive document descriptions and record detailed activity.

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User-Friendly Copy Feature

The Document Control Module is all about achieving levels of greater efficiency. Its quick copy feature allows users to copy the setup of one document to another. For example, an entire submittal package can be copied from one job to another, saving substantial time and effort.

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Unlimited User-Defined Field Attachments

Users can link any document to an external document of any format type. This includes the attachment of images, such as digital job site, employee or equipment photos; documents including Microsoft Word and Excel files, or scanned-in copies, video clips, reports, etc.

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