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If controlling and tracking purchase orders are part of your accounting goals, FOUNDATION for Windows construction software is the solution. Tightly integrated with the optional Inventory Module, Accounts Payable, and Job Costing, the Purchase Orders/Subcontracts Module allows you to order inventory, print POs, change orders and subcontracts, report committed costs, and control invoicing.

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Easy Data Entry

Purchase order/subcontract entry in FOUNDATION construction software is designed to be flexible enough to require little data entry, but powerful enough to allow entry of all necessary detail. PO/subs can be "basic," allowing entry of a description and extended amount, or "detailed," allowing entry of an item description, unit of measure, quantity, unit cost, extended cost, and sales tax information. All PO/subs can distributed to multiple G/L expense accounts, jobs, and job cost detail. Other information that can be recorded includes:

  • Status, including open, closed, pending, or cancelled
  • Inventory receiving status, including if and where an item is to be received, the quantity currently received, and the quantity remaining
  • Delivery date, ship via, FOB, and other delivery instructions
  • Ship to address including job, company, or other address
  • Buyer
  • Default payment terms
  • Default retainage percent

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User-Defined Designs for Printing

The base system includes the powerful PO/SubGenie®, which guides you through the creation of PO/sub designs for printing. You can create an unlimited number of purchase orders and subcontracts - one for each vendor, if desired. Each PO/sub can include a free-form section or line-item detail referencing information entered on the PO/sub. The designs can be in full-color and can include graphics such as your company logo, boxes, and lines. The PO/subs templates you design can be saved, reused, copied, and modified. In addition, several pre-designed formats are available for use immediately. These include a format designed to print on letterhead, a detailed format, and a freeform body format.

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Optional Integration with Inventory

The optional Inventory Module can be used to default a great deal of information about inventory items to PO/subs. By selecting an item number, the description, purchasing unit of measure, and unit cost for the selected vendor and taxability will default automatically, but can be overridden. This information is linked to inventory receipts to provide a cross-check between ordering and receiving, and to eliminate repetitive data entry. The on-order status of inventory items is automatically updated, and the costs tracked as committed. If you choose not to track inventory, much of the same information can optionally be included on a free-form entry basis.

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Committed Costs in Job Costing

PO/subs are fully integrated with the Job Costing Module so that job reports reflect committed costs. A simple checkbox allows you to close the entire remaining PO/sub costs, or you can close the costs on an item-by-item basis. Either way, closing the remaining costs ensures they are no longer earmarked as "committed" in Job Costing.

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Controlled Spending

PO/subs are easily linked to payable invoices to ensure a cross-check between ordering and payment. With the optional Inventory Module, the cross-check also includes receipt of the goods. Users can indicate whether a PO/sub is required for each payable invoice, and user-defined controls may prevent variance of PO/sub totals or detail amounts to corresponding invoice amounts. The vendor, job, and amounts - including retainage and tax - can default from a PO/sub. Multiple invoices may be linked to each PO/sub to reflect partial billing.

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Flexible Change Order Tracking

Changes to PO/subs can be entered through several methods, including making changes directly to the original PO/sub or recording separate change orders. Inventory quantities will be tracked using totals from PO/subs and change orders, but non-inventory invoicing can be done against totals or against each PO/sub and change order separately. A "blanket" PO/sub allowing unlimited or maximum spending with a particular vendor can be entered.

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Reminders of Important Dates

FOUNDATION construction software can optionally provide warnings about important dates such as the expiration of a subcontractor's liability or workers' compensation insurance. The system will provide a warning or prevention (at the user's discretion) when a PO/sub is entered.

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Powerful Reporting

The Purchase Orders/Subcontracts Module is tightly integrated with Accounts Payable and Job Costing, meaning committed costs, invoiced amounts, remaining committed, and paid amounts are easily reported through the variety of reports available. Furthermore, committed cost information can be included on reports custom-designed through the Job Costing DataGenie®. PO/Sub Reports are completely date-sensitive and can be filtered to include only purchase orders, only subcontracts, or both. In addition, they can be run by vendor, job, buyer, or status. Some of the report topics include:

  • PO/Sub List
  • Change Order List
  • PO/Sub by Cost Code
  • PO/Sub Detail
  • PO/Sub Status
  • Inventory Item Detail
  • Receipts Detail

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