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The FOUNDATION® for Windows® Scheduling Module is an essential tool for project managers who need to track tasks and resources to keep jobs on schedule. With this optional module, you can set up, track and report project schedules for budgeted and nonbudgeted jobs.

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Gantt Chart Technology Allows Contractors to Easily Pinpoint the Exact Status of Each Project at a Glance

The FOUNDATION for Windows Scheduling Module is based on the resourceful Gantt chart structure. This system utilizes a simple-to-read horizontal bar chart to illustrate the scheduled dates and sequence of tasks for all of your construction projects. This valuable tool allows you to easily determine the status of each project at a glance.

By utilizing the Scheduling Module, you can quickly allocate resources to tasks and change their assignments to resolve over or under allocation.

Adjustments can be made on the fly by simply clicking and moving the scheduled timeline. The system will then automatically adjust each corresponding task for the entire project with the new timeframes.

Users can also assign predecessor/successor relationships to tasks, ensuring that all work is performed and completed within the proper sequence.

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Extensive Reporting at Your Fingertips

When you need to report project data, the Scheduling Module provides predefined reporting options, like Detailed Schedule and Summary Schedule reports. All reports can be printed or exported in Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word or Microsoft Excel® format.

The module also includes built-in Online Help to assist users in maximizing their understanding and usage of its features.

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