Time & Material Billing

The Time and Material Module in FOUNDATION for Windows construction software allows the markup of job expenses in order to print and post custom receivable invoices. The system gathers all costs posted to a customer by job for a specified date range including labor, Accounts Payable, material and inventory, subcontract, equipment, burden, and overhead expenses.

User-defined markups control how costs are calculated. The T/M BillingGenie® enables users to design the format of printed invoices and select the data to include. Automated posting of generated invoices to Accounts Receivable prevents user error and makes the entire process fast and simple.

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Simple Workflow

All job history flows directly to the Time and Material Module in FOUNDATION construction software. As you gather historical data for billing, it is marked to prevent accidental re-billing. Users may print and post multiple invoices for multiple jobs through two simple steps, or you may choose to spend more time modifying, adding and deleting line-item detail.

Should you choose to delete a line item from an invoice, the deletion is tracked, allowing for easy re-billing at a later point. Billing history is stored in both the Time and Material and Accounts Receivable modules to allow a complete audit trail. In addition, numerous history reports are available to backup billings. Time and Material invoices can be completely rolled back in one quick step.

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Full Integration

The Time and Material Module serves as a receptacle of costs posted through all other modules. Nothing has to be entered twice. According to user-defined controls, the billings can include unposted timecards, posted labor, materials, subcontracts, equipment (whether owned, rented or leased), burden, overhead, and other miscellaneous costs. When the time and material billing is posted, the income may be recognized in Accounts Receivable, the General Ledger, and Job Costing, completing the full time-and-material cycle with no additional steps.

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Automated Cost Tracking

When a billing is created, user-defined controls allow the system to automatically gather just the types of costs you specify. All posted costs are considered (and unposted payroll and equipment usage may optionally be considered), and once billed, they are marked as such. Through this process of marking costs and the full date sensitivity of the system, you can bill costs that were posted into prior periods without worrying about re-billing anything. If a posted cost is removed from a billing, it is released for later billing, but full user control allows you to indicate which costs should never be billed.

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Custom Defined Markups

User-defined cost classes allow categorization of expenses into labor, material, subcontracts, rented equipment, owned equipment, burden, etc. Markups may be defined based on a fixed billing rate, a percentage markup or an additional amount. One markup may be defined for the entire category, or the user may breakdown markups based on infinite detail. For example:

  • Labor costs may be marked up per employee, trade, department or earn code.
  • Material and subcontract costs can be marked up per vendor, inventory category or inventory item.
  • Equipment costs can be marked up per category, item or rate type.
  • All costs can be marked up per phase, cost code or cost class.

All billing rates can be modified per line-item on the actual invoice, and different sets of markups may be defined per job, customer and/or company, allowing total control over billing.

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User-Designed Printable Invoices

The T/M InvoiceGenie© features a simple-to-use click-and-drag interface that allows users to design an unlimited number of printable invoice formats. Designs may include company, job and customer contact information; user-defined calculations; comments variable per invoice for each markup section; and full line-item detail. Billing items can be sorted and grouped by an unlimited number of detail. For example, group labor costs by department and date; then sort by date. Group material costs by inventory category; then sort by cost. The invoice can be formatted using full color text, graphics and lines.

What our clients are saying

"With the Time and Material Module, the company has not only saved lots of time tracking labor-hours to specific jobs, but it now has an error-proof procedure for calculating markups and generating custom invoices."

- Bob Thomason, Controller, Henry Gurtzweiler, Inc. 

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