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The Unit Price Billing Module in FOUNDATION for Windows construction software enables contractors who perform work for state departments of transportation (DOT) or other government agencies to submit required, specialized invoice formats. The Unit Price Billing Module integrates closely with the Accounts Receivable Module within FOUNDATION and allows the user to create the specialized invoice formats needed while simultaneously tracking income.

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Tracking Jobs Awarded

The Unit Price Billing Module follows the standard procedures as outlined by most state departments of transportation, although the program can be used on any unit price job. Prior to (or after) a job being awarded, the user can setup a job record and define its bid. This job record can have multiple bids and includes such information as for whom the work will be completed, status of bid, dates of award and completion, along with other bid basics. Unit Price Billing makes it fast and easy to define items that will be completed on the job. These definitions can include details such as quantity, unit price or lump sum and names of the subcontractors who will perform the work.

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Import from DOTs

The Microsoft SQL database behind FOUNDATION construction software allows simple importing of third-party information such as bids and/or bid items released by state departments of transportation. An ImportGenie accommodates any layout of information in an ASCII file (such as comma delimited) that is provided by the state or downloaded from their web site. You may import all items from the DOT, or just the items relevant to a particular bid.

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Effortlessly Record Item Status on Jobs

Once a bid is awarded, the user can enter the "update quantity log" to indicate the status for each item to be done on the job. The user can indicate work performed on all or only relevant items as frequently as desired. Quantity information may optionally be automatically sent to job costing for use in job cost history reports.

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Create Estimates for Billings

Estimates are created by using the posted information from the update quantity log. The user may indicate the cut-off date for update quantity transactions which are used to determine the amount to be billed. All update quantity transactions that fall within this date range will be totaled together to determine the estimated completion on each item on the original bid. This information can be overridden as needed and can be printed as a formal invoice or in simple list format.

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Print Estimates in AIA Format

Unit price estimates can be printed in a standard invoice format or as an AIA, including stored material. The AIA G702 and G703 forms meeting the American Institute of Architecture's specifications can be printed on blank paper, or you can print directly to the pre-printed forms.

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Automatic Posting to Accounts Receivable

Users can choose to have receivable invoices automatically created from Unit Price estimates, or invoices may be entered manually. After posting, the automated rollback function allows users to simultaneously reverse estimates and the linked receivable invoice with just a few clicks.

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Track Items Completed, Billed, and Paid

The system accommodates the discrepancies in items marked as completed, billed and paid that often occur when working with DOTs. Separate tracking mechanisms allow you to indicate your evaluation of completed units, bill for the same or different units, and indicate the quantity of units paid by posted cash receipts. Extensive reporting allows you to see at a glance the difference between these numbers as well as the original bid quantity.

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