Microsoft SQL

Selecting an accounting program that is technically solid is critical. Ignore this issue and run the risk of limited system longevity. With FOUNDATION for Windows construction accounting software, you get a true 32-bit Windows program created from the ground floor using Microsoft SQL Server. SQL is a sophisticated relational database designed to give users maximum data management, security and reporting power. The best part is that SQL is built into FOUNDATION!

As with all software, there are minimum  hardware requirements, but the purchase of a specific server or additional hardware is not required. In fact, FOUNDATIONand SQL support a wide variety of standard hardware and software configurations.

What our clients are saying

Because FOUNDATIONruns on a Microsoft SQL database, we knew the integrity of the date-sensitive data was ensured. We also liked the user-friendly format, the complete integration between modules, and how it easily integrates with external interfaces.

– Dale Winters, Vice President and Assistant General Manager, HTH Companies

Having been through this process before (three times) we had seen the gamut of construction accounting systems. FOUNDATIONfor Windows was impressive and we took great care to run it through numerous tests to make certain it fit our needs. Equally impressive to me was the knowledge level of their sales representative and support personnel.

– Laurie Milewski, Office Manager, S&S Electric

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