Using Outdated Software?

Could Your Old, Antiquated, Construction-Specific Accounting Software be Holding Your Business Back?

Many contractors have seen the value of construction-specific accounting software and have made the switch. But over the years the construction accounting software they selected failed to keep pace with technology.

Maybe their accounting software vendor stopped making improvements to the product or performed a quick fix by giving their dated-technology a newer, Windows look. Like an old house with new siding, it may appear more appealing but still has the same leaky pipes and cracked foundation. This can leave you feeling frustrated and your accounting practices more complex than they need to be.

Do any of these describe issues with your current accounting software situation?

  • You're using a construction-specific accounting software, but the technology of the software is antiquated and cumbersome.
  • Your previously strong vendor no longer provides construction accounting software improvements, fixes or system updates.
  • You're having problems getting data out of your accounting software and you find the program being less compatible with newer technologies.
  • Your accounting software vendor has been "bought-out" so many times in the last few years that you can't even remember the new company's name.
  • The accounting software has a dated look and does not take advantage of various Windows features and functionality.
  • Support on the software has progressively become slower, and the staff is not well-versed on the product.
  • Your accounting software vendor has given notice that you will need to upgrade to a newer version within the next year or two.

FOUNDATION for Windows is industry-specific and technologically advanced
FOUNDATION for Windows offers the best of both worlds - construction-specific functionality and Microsoft SQL database technology that will grow with your business. The system provides features such as integrated job costing; automatic certified payroll reporting; powerful over/under billing reports; and AIA, percent-complete, unit price and time-and-material billing. It also offers powerful accounting functions such as complete date-sensitivity, a secure audit trail and customizable reporting.

Want to learn more about how FOUNDATION for Windows construction accounting software can offer a better way to do things?

What our clients are saying

"FOUNDATION handles all necessary union accounting and reports. We needed a reliable program when it came to producing AIAs. Our previous system just couldn't handle this accurately, and it was time to make a switch. All of our problems were solved with FOUNDATIONfor Windows."

- Marsha Friedberg, Devecka Custom Construction

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