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Could There Be a Better Way?

If your construction business is using off-the-shelf accounting software, such as QuickBooks® or Peachtree®, you may not be as efficient as you could be.



Do any of these describe your current accounting software situation?

  • You're using spreadsheets or outside programs to track job costs or billings.
  • You enter the same information in multiple areas.
  • Cash is tight and you don't feel like you're billing accurately, but you can't pinpoint why.
  • You never really know the details of what's happening on your jobs.
  • It takes more than a couple of minutes to create Certified Payroll or Minority Compliance Reports.
  • An outside firm is handling your payroll.
  • You fill out AIAs and other required forms by hand or on a spreadsheet.
  • When a mistake on an invoice or payroll is corrected, you have no audit trail, and your accountant has questioned these changes.
  • You're worried about the security and accuracy of your data.


Off-the-Shelf Accounting Software
QuickBooks and Peachtree are examples of accounting software used by thousands of small businesses, and they are great programs. But they often don't allow contractors to accomplish all they need to. Many times, these systems can't track or report on critical, construction-related information like retainage, prevailing wage rates, multiple trades, job activities, percent complete, change orders, PO/subcontracts, quantities, equipment usage, AIAs, union deductions and fringes, and much more. In addition, these programs lack automatic data defaulting and validation, both of which can save substantial time and ensure accuracy.

FOUNDATION for Windows is industry-specific and technologically advanced
FOUNDATION for Windows offers the best of both worlds - construction-specific functionality and Microsoft SQL database technology that will grow with your business. The system provides features such as integrated job costing; automatic certified payroll reporting; powerful over/under billing reports; and AIA, percent-complete, unit price, and time-and-material billing. It also offers powerful accounting functions such as complete date-sensitivity, a secure audit trail, and customizable reporting.

Want to learn more about how FOUNDATION construction accounting software can offer a better way to do things?

What our clients are saying:

"I could have literally wallpapered a small office with the spreadsheets that I regularly used for our accounting and job analysis. Now I can track job progress in man hours, material costs, and receivables. What peace of mind. If I could go back in time and do one thing differently, it would be to start using FOUNDATIONearlier in our company's growth process. I believe my business would be a lot further along today had we done so."

- Charles Brown, Charles Brown Electric

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