Contractor Testimonials

What do current contractors have to say about FOUNDATION for Windows construction accounting software? Plenty.

These contractors have excitedly told us how FOUNDATION for Windows has helped them work smarter. Like the construction owner who, before FOUNDATION, used to rely exclusively on spreadsheets for reporting. Or the controller that enjoys the flexibility of running job reports on the fly, for any day with the detail that he chooses. Or the Office Manager that can now easily create AIAs.

Foundation loves hearing about these successes. In fact, we are so committed to building long-term, successful partnerships with contractors that we regularly survey our clients to learn what could help them become more productive and profitable.

Below is just a sampling of the great things contractors have said about our construction accounting software and support recently. For more contractor references, please contact us, toll free at at 800.246.0800.

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"Because FOUNDATION runs on a Microsoft SQL database, we knew the integrity of the date-sensitive data was ensured. We also liked the user-friendly format, the complete integration between modules, and how it easily integrates with external interfaces."

– Dale Winters, Vice President and Assistant General Manager, HTH Companies

"FOUNDATION is one of the most advanced construction accounting products on the market and an ideal system from a CPA's perspective. It provides both timely and accurate information that will enhance their ability to manage the financial side of a contractor's business - a win-win situation."

- Gary Fortier, CPA , L&G Technology Solutions, Inc.

"We like to track quantities and estimated vs. actual costs of our self-performed work. FOUNDATION for Window's flexibility in job cost reporting and ability to easily tie into outside software, such as Excel, were deciding factors in making the change."

– Rick Pavelick, CFO, Landau Building

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"At year end, when it came time to close the books and payroll, I was thrilled to find how easy it was with FOUNDATION. I simply had to check a couple boxes to prevent any posting back to the previous year, then close at my leisure. That was fantastic, and it was the first year, for as long as I've been in bookkeeping, that I didn't have to work the holidays."

– Jane Bryant, Office Manager, Cary & Associates Builders, Inc.

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"The most drastic change occurred in the area of payroll. Biweekly payroll, which used to take me all day to figure manually, could be completed in just a few hours, from start to finish. Employee W2s now take a fraction of the time to complete - and we have nearly twice as many employees."

– Elaine Barrick, Office Manager, Ryan Remodeling

"The quality of training we received in FOUNDATION far exceeded our expectations. The training/technical support staff worked around our schedules and responded to our questions and needs throughout the entire process of conversion."

– Bob Thomason, Controller, Henry Gurtzweiler, Inc.

"FOUNDATION handles all necessary union accounting and reports. We needed a reliable program when it came to producing AIAs. Our previous system couldn't handle this accurately, and it was time to make a switch. All of our problems were solved with FOUNDATION for Windows."

– Marsha Friedberg, Office Manager/Bookkeeper, Devecka Custom Construction

"The ease of use and the amount of time saved with FOUNDATION's AIA billing is great. Previous billings are there, and you just need to insert the current amount due. The same thing applies to certified payroll."

- John Jacobs, Office Manager, Ruhlman Brothers

"Just being able to run job reports at any level of detail for any period - whether it be for a day or week - at a moment's notice is an incredible tool for our project managers. FOUNDATION's reports also offer so many other options when you're running them - from the way they're sorted by cost type to filtering them by project manager. Each report option can give you answers to many different problems."

– Richard Dennis, Controller, JDS Construction

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