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Why do we claim we are #1? Three reasons - Product, Technology, Company


From the beginning, Foundation Software has focused on just one product - job cost construction accounting. With over 28 years of experience working with trade contractors, we have fine-tuned our software to be the most efficient and most powerful construction accounting software available.

In 2000, we completely re-wrote our accounting software to be compatible with the latest technology. This gave us a chance to re-design it using the most current best-practices in usability and to further strengthen its features. Unlike many of our competitors, we re-wrote our construction accounting software from the ground up. Others use a graphic overlay of very outdated technology, which is a lot like putting a new façade on an ancient building - the plumbing and wiring underneath are bound to fail!

FOUNDATION is widely recognized as the easiest construction accounting software to use. Yet it also has some of the most powerful and unique features - like complete date sensitivity, custom report writers (not cumbersome, third-party technology), and a fail-safe audit trail.


When FOUNDATION was released in 2000, it was only after a complete re-write of our old DOS-based construction accounting product. Because we didn't just put a new face on old programming, we were able to base FOUNDATION on the most cutting-edge technology.

The database where all FOUNDATION data is stored is Microsoft SQL Server, a highly respected program that offers its users distinct advantages, such as built-in roll back features that protect your data from corruption in the event of power failure, lightning strikes, and other hardware problems. It also offers seamless integration with other Microsoft products, so your FOUNDATION data can be linked to Excel, Word, Access, and more. And Microsoft SQL Server does not require you to purchase additional hardware or software.

All of this adds up to a lot of power in an easy-to-use package. And it ensures that FOUNDATION will be around for the long-term.


Foundation Software is the author and developer of FOUNDATION. We don't use dealers, VARs or other vendors to sell or support our product.

This means that we have complete control over the quality and reliability of our product and services. Our R&D staff hears input directly from sales and support, ensuring that we always know what's going on in the construction industry.

It also means that you can call one number to talk to sales, support, technical services, and more. You'll never get passed back and forth between the dealer and the developers! And you'll have much shorter response times for your support questions.

FOUNDATION has chosen not to use dealers because we still have an old-fashioned value of building long-term, quality relationships with our clients. We'll be there every step of the way - from the sales process where we will provide an honest assessment of your fit with the software, to hands-on assistance with implementation, to continued support.

FOUNDATION is America's #1 construction accounting software because we offer the best product, based on the best technology, made and supported by the best company.

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