When you purchase FOUNDATION for Windows construction accounting software, initial training, support, and documentation is included. We provide all the tools and expertise to guarantee success.

Our client support services include:

  • Complete system training and support included in the software price, eliminating hidden costs.
  • Unlimited, toll-free phone support line, web knowledge book and built-in online help system.
  • Your choice of training packages, including on-site or on-line, to meet the schedules and learning styles of our individual clients.

Browse through our specific support services and learn why our users remain successful and satisfied customers.

What our clients are saying

I contacted our accountant for names of other companies that were using FOUNDATION, and I called them. I wanted unsolicited opinions of FOUNDATION and their support. I was happy to hear everyone I talked to had high regards for FOUNDATION, particularly the excellent support staff.

– John Jacobs, Office Manager, Ruhlman Brothers

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