bubble soccer at company picnic
24 August 2018

Another Year, Another Killer Company Picnic!

With a company of 300+, it can be difficult to regularly catch up on the day-to-day with everyone — though we certainly like to try. That’s why every year we make sure to set aside some time outside of work hours where employees and their families can get together, get to know each other a little better, relax and have some fun.

Of course, finding the perfect day for it can be a struggle.

And as any Ohioan knows, the weather here can be a tad temperamental. Which means nailing down the ideal space can also be a feat. However, this year’s event area, Market Square in Crocker Park, Westlake, may have just established itself as the optimal picnicking spot. Though the sky stayed sunny, the joint indoor/outdoor venue ensured everyone kept cool and sunburn-free.

bubble soccer at company picnic

An important factor given the full gamut of activities throughout the day.

The most entertaining (and popular) of which was bubble soccer, a sport similar to regular soccer, but with the addition of players wearing large plastic bubbles resembling hamster balls. Though it’s hard to say no to a bouncy house, it’s apparently much harder to say no to becoming a human bumper car — as many of our employees and family members demonstrated.

And if fearlessly hurling yourself full speed at coworkers wasn’t enough, there was also face painting, henna tattoos, a magic show, a raffle and more! All with the added bonus of a free ice cream truck — always a Foundation favorite.

With more than 315 people attending, it was clearly another win in the books.