02 August 2019

A Hometown Story

Photo credit: City of Strongsville

The city of Strongsville — after nearly 35 years, we’re happy to call it Foundation Software’s home.  Though hometown might be more appropriate after all this time.

Many of our employees live in and around the city, have grown up around here or raised families of their own here — our company founder included.

Over the years, we’ve watched Strongsville continuously grow and change, us right along with it. And it’s hard not to marvel at all the changes the city has undergone since 1985. As assistant training manager Christine M. Borato says, “the new development around is what stands out most to me.”

So, as we wait to move to our soon-to-be new home on Route 82 and our new neighbors start to move in, we thought it might be nice to take a step back and appreciate some of the things Strongsville and its community have to offer.

And get some insight from some of the Foundation Software locals that know it best.

“It was great growing up in Strongsville!” says strategic development specialist Kevin Ode. “Friends from school were always close by, it’s a quick drive to downtown Cleveland for an Indians game or event, and the Metroparks go right through the city.” These are an Ohio staple that consist of 18 reservations that span more than 23,000 acres and include over 300 miles of trails. They’re also an employee favorite.

“I’ve been to a good amount of other cities and have yet to see a park system as large and well done as the Metroparks.” Kevin explains, “That sort of natural green space that extends for miles and miles in a metropolitan area is really something special.”

However, the Metroparks aren’t the only green space the city has to offer; there’s also the beautiful and charming Strongsville Commons — site of the annual Homecoming Festival, farmers’ markets, school band concerts and many other family-friendly events.

“I’ve always enjoyed the family focus of Strongsville,” CPA liaison Chris Masteller says. “We moved here when my oldest was one, and it’s been a wonderful place to raise our sons. Both my husband and I have been fortunate to also work in our community. “

It’s a community we hope to be part of for quite a while longer.

So, if you’ve got a tip on getting even more out of the city, let us know — we’ll be sure to pass it along to the new neighbors.