Storing scanned documents

The Document Imaging and Routing Module in FOUNDATION’s construction management software makes it easy to create digital copies of your important documents and make secure, regular backups no larger than a CD. You get complete peace of mind and can get back up and running quickly in the event of a disaster.

Email, Print and Share

Storing documents is one thing; being able to do something with them is another. Document Imaging and Routing is made for everyday use, so in addition to storing documents, you can easily email and print them or save them to your computer for convenient sharing later.

And with FOUNDATION’s built-in security features, you’ll know you have complete control over who can access each document.

A/P invoices

Have you ever had an invoice get lost in someone’s mail tray or had to chase down a manager to get an invoice approved?

In FOUNDATION, payable invoices can be routed to other users digitally for easy revisions and approvals. With our intuitive Daily Document Manager, managers and executives can quickly check in and see which invoices need their attention.

Automate Workflows

Having workflow and approval processes is a great thing—as long as everyone follows them. FOUNDATION lets you create automated routing rules so you can make sure invoices always get received and reviewed by the right people. It’s easy to create new rules—for individuals or groups—and to define when they should apply. You can refine workflows over time and work on improving your office’s efficiency moving forward.