On-target reports

FOUNDATION construction accounting software offers a variety of reports designed to show you all of the important information you need to know about your fixed assets for any date range, even into the future.

Depreciation Reports

The Depreciation History Report is central to the Fixed Assets Module, showing the details of all posted depreciation. The report includes information for all book types, whether or not they are posted to the General Ledger, and includes both generated and manually entered depreciation.

The Schedule of Depreciation Report is useful for viewing the total posted depreciation as well as the total amount that remains to be posted.

Valuation Reports

The Market/Insurance Valuation Report shows you the market/insurance value of each fixed asset compared against its original cost, and the Personal Property Tax Valuation Report calculates the value of your fixed assets according your personal property tax.

Fixed Assets features

Automate Depreciation Calculations

Having to calculate depreciation manually just doesn’t add up. With FOUNDATION, you can automate the calculation of depreciation and use an unlimited number of methods for each asset. You can post depreciation to the General Ledger using one method and report it for tax purposes with another. You can even control depreciation using Asset Categories and generate depreciation on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. 

Keep Control Over General Ledger Postings

The Fixed Assets Module gives you full control over posting depreciation to the General Ledger. If you prefer not to use automated generation, depreciation can be generated and posted using user-defined methods or posted manually through a simple journal function. And to give you complete peace of mind, built-in safeguards prevent users from posting an asset using multiple books.

Seamlessly Integrate with Equipment Tracking

Tracking equipment usage and depreciation shouldn’t mean entering the same information twice. Because the Fixed Assets and Equipment Modules are tightly integrated, equipment information is shared automatically, without having to sync, so you can eliminate double entry and get a complete solution for equipment assets.