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FOUNDATION’s Inventory Module is designed for the ins-and-outs of construction, so you get detailed tracking of orders, quantities, price levels and locations—all working in harmony with your job cost accounting, purchasing and invoicing. It’s the complete, integrated solution for managing your company’s inventory.

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Foundation Software Inventory

Inventory Overview

Unlimited Inventory Items 

When you’re searching for an inventory software that meets your job cost accounting needs, scalability is important. You need a system that can handle your requirements today and keep pace as your company grows.

With the Inventory Module, you can define an unlimited number of items with multiple sorting categories. That way you can keep things organized as your inventory expands, so however busy your construction business gets, you’ll know that your software will meet the demands.

Know the Price and Value of Everything

Values are important in job cost accounting, and valuations are even more so. That’s why FOUNDATION gives you unmatched flexibility when it comes to valuing your inventory.

FOUNDATION is compatible with almost all standard valuation methods, giving you the freedom to select the method that’s best for your company’s needs. And with our Inventory Summary Report, it’s easy to get realistic costs and valuations for your stock.

Always Know What’s On-Hand

In construction, you have to know what materials are on-hand at all times. Because on-hand quantities are updated from your invoicing, purchasing and job costing, the information in your Inventory Module is always up-to-date.

And with our easy-to-analyze reports, you’ll be able to spot patterns that will help you better manage on-hand quantities in the future.