Reporting from purchase to use

Inventory Reporting

FOUNDATION construction software offers a wide array of reports, showing you inventory history from purchase to receipt to usage, all able to be run for any date range in the past, present or future. That means that you never have to lose track of an inventory item in any part of its lifecycle.

Inventory History Detail Report

The Inventory History Detail Report shows you the purchasing, receiving and usage history for each inventory item, recording the quantity, unit of measure and cost of each item as it was transferred to or from a job or warehouse.

Inventory Summary Report

The Inventory Summary Report acts as a valuation report for your inventory items. It displays the value of all of your stocked items, along with the in and out quantities as entered through beginning balances, purchases and use/transfer transactions. You can also choose how you want your remaining stock to be valued.

Vendor History Reports

Several vendor history reports in the Inventory Module detail the history of materials ordered from your different vendors. The Vendor History Report is helpful if you want to see from whom you are ordering the most materials, how often you return materials, etc.

With the Job Vendor History Report you can view the history of materials ordered from vendors and focuses on jobs and job costing.

The PO/Sub Vendor History Report provides you with the history of materials ordered from vendors and details the purchase orders and subcontracts associated with the items.

Getting the most from inventory

Always Find What You’re Looking For

If you have hundreds or even thousands of inventory items, scrolling through your inventory records can take up your valuable time. FOUNDATION’s keyword search helps you find the items you’re looking for quickly. Just type in a keyword, and FOUNDATION will show you a list of matching results. You can even use filters to narrow your search. So instead of scrolling endlessly through dropdown menus or spreadsheets, you can pinpoint an inventory item in seconds.

Manage Multiple Locations

If your company stocks inventory in more than one location, you need construction software that keeps track of where each item is stored and whether your items are stored in warehouses, in trucks or at the job site. FOUNDATION gives you an unlimited number of stocking locations. You can also easily transfer materials from one location to another so your records are always up-to-date.

Import from Pricing Services

For many contractors, pricing services are a convenient estimating tool. But using them becomes cumbersome if you have to manually enter that pricing into your accounting software.

FOUNDATION imports pricing from services like TRA-SER® SX and EPIC™ Pricing System, so keeping inventory pricing up-to-date becomes virtually effortless. And with our Price Service Report you can analyze all of your latest pricing at a glance. 

Flexible Item Setup

When it comes to construction inventory, needs can vary from company to company, which is why FOUNDATION gives you complete freedom to customize your inventory records. Different units of measure can be used for purchasing, stocking and delivering each item. FOUNDATION will automatically convert these units.

This flexibility also extends to invoicing, where you can customize billings by using different price levels for different clients.

Everything Working in Harmony

Because inventory affects so many areas of a construction business, a stand-alone solution just doesn’t work. Inventory management needs to be a seamless part of your everyday job cost accounting.

In FOUNDATION, your inventory tracking is completely integrated with purchasinginvoicing, job costing and your general ledger, so each part of the software works in perfect sync to give you a complete solution for inventory management.