Customizable timecards

Entering timecards each week shouldn’t involve reinventing the wheel. FOUNDATION’s TimecardGenie™ lets you customize your entry window so that what you see on your computer matches what you get from the field.

Enter timecards by crew, by job, by employee or however your company prefers. You can use as many designs as you need in each payroll run, including our preloaded timecard templates!

Streamlined Year-Ends

If the thought of New Year’s brings to mind images of a desk covered with paperwork, it might be time for you to switch to FOUNDATION. Our construction payroll solution makes it easy to generate and electronically submit year-end forms like W-2s, and FOUNDATION never forces hard closes, so you’re free to adjust last year’s accounts well into the new year.

Mobile Timecards Straight from the Job Site

With the FOUNDATION mobile® timecard app, time can be submitted right from the job site from any mobile device to be available in the office instantly. Mobile timecards can then be reviewed and approved with just a couple clicks of your mouse. With preloaded dropdown fields and offline capability, you’ll be able to get the payroll data you need faster than ever before, with less waste and more accuracy.

Burden Tracking Built for the Job

Do you know how much is being spent on taxes or workers’ comp premiums for every dollar your company spends on labor? FOUNDATION’s built-in burden tracking collects this information effortlessly. And with our easy-to-use reports, you can tie burden back to your jobs, so you’ll always know the true costs of your company’s labor. It’s true overhead allocation of all labor costs.

Prevailing wage and unions

Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage

FOUNDATION can automate your prevailing wage (Davis-Bacon Act) payroll. Our customizable sequencing allows the correct pay rate to default based on wage determinations by job, trade and location. You can pay fringes separately from wages and automatically reduce fringes based on hourly or per-pay fringe costs for each employee. The available reporting for prevailing wage, including dozens of state- and agency-specific Certified Payroll Reports, meets the demands of federal and multiple local authorities.

Union Pay Rates, Fringes, and More

If union payroll is key for your company, you’ll love FOUNDATION’s union-friendly setup and features. You can set up your union pay rates so the correct wages always default into timecards for union jobs, even when a contract expires in the middle of a pay period. Union fringes and deductions can be calculated based on an employee’s hourly rate (with or without overtime), percent of gross, or a fixed amount, even taking taxable union fringes into account.

What about when your employee from Local 297 works a job under Local 342? Our home/away logic function makes it easy for your payroll to calculate fringes and deductions when you’re working with a different union. Using the rules you set, FOUNDATION will automatically determine the pay rate, how deductions and fringes will be calculated, and to which union they’ll be applied.

Plus, with FOUNDATION’s powerful union reports, it’s easy to stay compliant with union wage reporting.

The reports you need

FOUNDATION’s construction payroll solution packs a wide array of reports, ranging from proofing registers to history and tax reports, built to be customized for the specific information you want to see and run for any date range.

Proofing Reports and Pre-Check Registers

Numerous proofing reports and pre-check registers are available in FOUNDATION, so you can be sure of every payroll before you post it. With these reports you can double check, triple check—even quadruple check!—employee earnings, FUTA/SUTA amounts, workers’ compensation and more.

History and Tax Reports

We know that different clients have different tax reporting requirements, so FOUNDATION offers a variety of tax-related reports in our Payroll Module to meet your particular needs. You can sort these reports by employee name or number, or you can choose to run for a specified range of employees or jobs. Many of the reports are available for you to print on pre-printed forms or ready for you to file magnetically or electronically.

Certified Payroll Reporting

If you work government-funded or prevailing wage jobs, you may be required to submit Certified Payroll Reports. Certified payroll reporting can be complicated, but with FOUNDATION there’s no need to worry! FOUNDATION comes installed with more than 40 Certified Payroll Report formats, and it automatically collects and prepares the data necessary, allowing quick processing at any point during a project. Need to make a correction? At any time, you can rerun any format for earlier dates.


Magnetic and printed W-2s are also ready for you to use in FOUNDATION. Our W2 Wizard takes you through your W-2 setup step by step. You can create W-2s for one or multiple states or localities, as well as for a range of employees.

Minority Compliance Reporting

If you work on government-funded jobs, you’re required to submit minority compliance reports to the U.S. Department of Labor to prove that your company hires and pays minority employees of a certain line of work on an equal basis with non-minority employees. FOUNDATION streamlines this reporting process with our Minority Compliance Report, which is available in various formats.

ACA Reporting

FOUNDATION has the reports you need to navigate your responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act. Using your system payroll history, you can calculate your “applicable large employer” status, track eligible employee hours to see who qualifies as full-time and schedule your coverage offers. With our ACA hours worksheet, you can even enter additional hours you may not have been tracking to ensure the most precise figures. Finally, automatically generate, print and submit Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.