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As a contractor, accounting isn’t just tracking dollars spent; you need to anticipate what’s coming. Is your software up to the task? FOUNDATION’s PO/Subs Module helps you take control of spending and accounts for committed costs before they’re incurred.

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Foundation Software Purchase Orders

PO / Subcontract Overview

Agile Data Entry with Contractor-Specific Features

In FOUNDATION, your purchase orders and subcontracts can be as basic or as detailed as you need. If you want to keep things basic, just enter the total amount. If you need more detail, FOUNDATION gives you the ability to track inventory quantities, payments terms, shipping information and much more.

Control Your Company’s Spending

FOUNDATION gives you unmatched control over your company’s purchasing. The PO/Subcontract Module cross-checks between purchase orders and your accounts payable invoices to protect you from being over-invoiced. With our optional Inventory Module, this also applies to receipt of goods. And our purchasing controls let you define acceptable limits for variances in amounts, down to the tenth of a percent.


Use the Job Material List to maintain a master catalog of everything you need to complete a given project. Generate multiple POs by vendor, and track estimated quantities vs. quantities used as well as any remaining amounts that need to be ordered.

Whether or not you incorporate the Inventory Module, you can always stay on top of your materials ordering and keep your inventory on pace.

Create Custom, Printable Designs

FOUNDATION’s PO/SubGenie makes it easy to design custom purchase orders, subcontracts and change orders for your business. Create branded designs, complete with your company logo, and all the line-item detail you need. You can even create designs for each vendor!

Then, when you’re entering a purchase order or subcontract, you can preview and print or email your design right from the entry window.