Account for committed costs

To see a job’s true status, you need to be able to factor in your committed costs. The PO/Subcontract Module in FOUNDATION’s contractor software is fully integrated with Job Costing reports, so you can always see unpaid costs that are already committed to the job.

Track Change Orders

Make changes directly to entered purchase orders or subcontracts, or enter PO/Subcontract change orders.

Distribute to Multiple Jobs and Cost Codes

You know that a single purchase order doesn’t always correspond a single job. With FOUNDATION, purchase orders can be spread across multiple jobs and cost codes, so committed costs can be distributed accurately.

Track Inventory Seamlessly

In the real world, purchasing is closely tied to materials, so it’s the same way in FOUNDATION. Purchase orders can be used to track detailed information about materials, like quantities and unit costs. And with our optional Inventory Module, much of this information defaults in automatically. You can eliminate data entry, automate ‘on-order’ statuses, and benefit from extra cross-checks between ordering and inventory receipts.

Track Expired Certificates

With a simple setting, FOUNDATION can warn about, prevent or place on hold invoices entered against subcontractors with expired workers’ compensation or insurance certificates.

Powerful reporting

FOUNDATION’s PO/Subcontract Module contains several date-sensitive reports to help you analyze your costs.

Among them is the PO/Sub Status Report, with which you can track the status of both purchase orders and subcontracts—including remaining committed costs—with real-time information from the Accounts Payable Module.