Dispatch board center

FOUNDATION’s construction management software features an interactive Dispatch Board is where the day-to-day dispatch work is performed. Using a drag-and-drop interface, your dispatchers can view and assign service calls to technicians directly from the Dispatch Board. They can also extend or shorten the length of the call or reschedule it completely.

You can organize the Dispatch Board to your liking, choosing to view the board using time slots (one hour, two hours, etc.) or numbered cells. Additionally, you can color-code calls by type so you know what kind of call your technician is on at a glance.

From the Dispatch Board you can print work orders, send text messages and emails to technicians, monitor schedules and dispatch statuses, track work performed and time spent, set follow-up appointments, bill customers, enter payroll hours, and much more!

Easy-to-Use Windows

Dispatching service calls can be a juggling act, but that doesn’t mean you should have to juggle windows on your screen. FOUNDATION’s Service Dispatch Module is designed to handle the day-to-day realities of service contractors, which means that all the information you need is in easy reach on one window.

Integrated Purchasing

Purchase orders are a daily necessity for field service contractors, and to get jobs done quickly, you need a purchasing process that doesn’t slow you down. The Service Dispatch Module lets you enter purchase orders right from the Dispatch Board, with full inventory detail that ties to the job.

And because Service Dispatch fully integrates with the PO/Subcontract Module, you get a streamlined approval process that helps keep spending under control.

A Customizable Experience for Each Dispatcher

With multiple dispatchers, you need flexible software that can meet everyone’s needs. Whether you want to increase convenience, protect confidential information or limit access to sensitive features, Service Dispatch has you covered. You can set custom filters and individual security settings for each dispatcher, giving you complete control over your company’s data and tailoring to your dispatchers’ needs.

Track Profitability Like Never Before

Service Dispatch doesn’t just take care of dispatching; it also tracks your profits with the detail you should expect from your construction accounting software. Track your company’s profitability by customer, work order, technician or calls, and view all of this information in easy-to-analyze reports, like the Service Dispatch Profitability Report.

Streamline the Sales Process

Creating quotes for customers is easy with FOUNDATION. Your sales team can quickly build detailed quotes using the labor and material pricing already in your system, then easily print or email quotes to the customer. You can even create custom quote templates in FOUNDATION’s QuoteGenie.

Once your company gets the job, turn a quote into a work order with just one click—complete with a list of materials.

Get a Handle on Materials and Markups

Managing materials is a big part of running a successful service operation. Without knowing when and where you used certain materials, accuracy is impossible. The Service Dispatch Module is built to excel in inventory management, so you get top-of-the-line material tracking and re-ordering.

Material markups are also easy to automate, so the billing process will be quicker, and your profit margins will stay intact.

Track Dispatch Events

Keeping track of every detail for each individual dispatch can be difficult and time-consuming. But with Service Dispatch, you can have billings, status changes, scheduling changes, messages and emails sent to your technicians. Then run the Event History Report to generate a complete history of your dispatch events!

Quick, Custom Work Orders

In Service Dispatch, dispatchers can generate work orders in seconds, and with just a few clicks of the mouse, they can send them to technicians in the field. Dispatchers can print work orders from FOUNDATION, or they can text or email work orders straight to technicians’ phones.

Built-In Billing and Collections

Service Dispatch includes seamless billing options that get invoices out the door faster. Dispatchers can create and print invoices right from the Dispatch Board, or you can restrict billing privileges to certain users. For longer jobs, time and material billings can be issued as the job progresses.

And because Service Dispatch is integrated with our Accounts Receivable Module, you get advanced aging reports that speed up the collection of outstanding payments.