Extensive reporting

The Unit Price Billing Module in FOUNDATION’s construction accounting software offers extensive reporting that can be run for any date range in the past, present or future. That means you’ll always have access to historical unit price billing information. Just a sample of our built-in reports include:

Estimate Invoice Report

The Estimate Invoice Report ties together estimates and the accounts receivable invoices from which they were created. You can use this report to determine the outstanding amount due on your estimates and invoices.

Subcontractor Payable Report

The Subcontractor Payable Report displays the breakdown of items you enter on bid records. It indicates items that will be performed by subcontractors and the contract price. You can also choose if the report is based on quantities complete, billed or paid.

Quantities Complete Report

The Quantities Complete Report shows your unit price bids and their related quantity information. It also displays the total number for each bid item that has been recorded in FOUNDATION.

Manage Subcontractor Items Effortlessly

Billing a unit price contract can be difficult when it’s just your company doing the work, but it gets even more difficult when you have to track the work of subcontractors too.

Because FOUNDATION is accounting software designed for construction, we have numerous features designed to help you manage subcontractor items. And with our Subcontractor Payable Report, it’s easy to track amounts due to subcontractors and recognize the expenses correctly.

Print Estimates as AIA Documents

Some unit price contracts require estimates to be submitted as an AIA document that includes stored materials. That’s no problem with FOUNDATION.

AIA forms G702, G703 and G732 are included, so it’s easy to create estimates that meet the job’s specifications. Print proofing copies on blank paper, then print directly to pre-printed forms when you’re ready for the final copy.

Get More Information About Billed and Paid Items

When you’re working with state DOTs, discrepancies can sometimes creep in between items you’ve marked as completed and items that can be billed and paid in full.

FOUNDATION accommodates this by using separate tracking mechanisms. You can record your evaluation of completed units, bill for a different quantity and track paid units through posted cash receipts.

And with our extensive reporting, you can see the difference in these numbers at a glance.