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07 August 2017

Completing the Picture: How a Construction Executive Got out of Bookkeeping and Back to Leading

Based in Dillingham, Alaska, JJC Enterprises, Inc., has grown rapidly since its inception in 2012, from just two employees — vice president Chris Meng and his father — to a staff of 54 today. “As we grew, accounting got harder,” Chris remembers.

“I managed everything,” he says. “A/P, A/R, bidding, project management . . .” he trails off for effect. That’s why Chris was intrigued when he heard about FOUNDATION®. “I didn’t want a run-of-the-mill accounting program,” he explains. “I wanted something that was more cut for contractors.”

Even after implementing a powerful system like FOUNDATION to help get the right systems in place, however, Chris found he just didn’t have the extra set of hands he needed in the office. As the company’s executive, handling all the bookkeeping for JJC was simply holding him back from focusing on higher-level duties. He says, “I found out quickly that my efforts were better spent doing something I’m better at.”

Finding the Missing Piece

That’s when he received a call from Marty at Foundation Software, who told him about the bookkeeping services they were just starting. “It was the best news to my ears I’d ever heard,” Chris admits. “It was exactly what I needed.”

Foundation’s bookkeeping services help contractors with daily, monthly, annual and miscellaneous accounting tasks. Chris says it just made sense to “use Foundation’s people, who know the system inside and out, versus me trying to hire someone and then train them.”

“We were able to get it up and running relatively quickly,” explains Chris. The only real learning curve was how best to code and deliver items to his dedicated account administrator, Lesa. But, Chris remembers, his biggest reservation had been that he didn’t want to be “bounced around to three to five different desks.” Once he learned one person would be handling the bookkeeping for JJC, he was thrilled.  “I love that I am dealing with one person. She knows my quirks and vice versa,” he explains. “It truly feels like she works for me.”

Chris says that all questions are answered promptly, and if for some reason Lesa is unavailable when he needs an immediate response, someone always jumps in. They take care of his question, and they leave notes so she’s kept up to date when she returns.

Putting the Pieces in the Right Place

“Before the bookkeeping services,” he admits, “we had everything on spreadsheets.”

And Chris says the cost of the services are a mere fragment compared to the value his company has gained through this process. “For a small contractor, as we’re growing, I found the rates for services to be a no-brainer,” he adds. “I can’t hire someone to do what Lesa’s doing for what Foundation costs me. It’s a win all the way around.”

Now, someone else takes care of the bookkeeping so Chris can focus on other aspects of his company where he truly excels, and that means JJC is sure to excel.


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