An Environmental Contractor Cleans up Its Job Costing

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07 July 2017

An Environmental Contractor Cleans up Its Job Costing

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Midwest Environmental Inc. knows all about how to make good out of a bad situation. They’ve been specialists in asbestos and lead paint abatement, hazardous waste removal, emergency spill response, and similar services since 1983. Whether they’re working in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Arizona, California or Nevada, they make the site better so everything can go on as it should.

Office manager Daniel T. Wilburn found himself in a similar role with their construction accounting software, and he learned how easy it could be with FOUNDATION® to turn around a hazardous database.

Seeing the Potential

When Dan interviewed with Midwest Environmental and discovered they were using FOUNDATION, he was excited. “I went to the website and thought, ‘Oh man — this is going to be awesome,’” he remembers. FOUNDATION was a leap forward from Dan’s last experience on construction accounting software. After accepting the position, he saw FOUNDATION was just what he expected — but his company’s database wasn’t. “There were so many tools to use,” Dan says, “and we weren’t using any of them.”

Up to that point, a third-party resource had been responsible for the company’s books, and some software shortcuts had been taken. Instead of entering and closing invoices, Dan says, A/P transactions had been entered as journal entries. Sure, the system worked, but because there was data they weren’t putting into it, there was at least as much data they weren’t getting out.

Dan saw all the potential, but he was logging in to FOUNDATION long after implementation and training were finished. Getting Dan caught up, and getting their system use up to speed while already up and running, would certainly be a test of FOUNDATION in action. That’s the difference between everything an application claims to do “on paper” and how it works in the real world.

Flourishing With Healthy Job Costing

“I really had to learn on the fly,” Dan says, “and it’s been very user-friendly.” For clients in Dan’s situation, Foundation Software offers consulting, additional training, educational webinars, live classes and user events. Dan and Midwest Environmental began taking advantage of these.

Today, Dan’s confidence with FOUNDATION is only matched by his enthusiasm. “I can go in and create a report anytime and find out what I want.” He describes the monthly summaries Midwest Environmental runs to determine how profitable each job is and where they can make adjustments. “We can see if we misquoted anything or captured additional activity anywhere.”

“We’re able to drill down into the reports to look at where all of our costs were.” Of course, job costing is also about more than just finding problems. “We can see what we did right. We run the reports by estimator and supervisor to see if there’s a link and who’s doing better.” That helps them both to learn from and to reward their project successes.

All that information amounts to value in their business. “It’s been a big cost savings for us,” Dan says. “It’s been great, great software. I can’t say enough about it.”

Thriving in Relationship

In some cases, jumping in midstream with a software application can mean you’re left outside the vendor relationship. That hasn’t been Dan’s experience with Foundation Software.

While Dan missed out on the initial sales and implementation process, he’s worked closely with Foundation’s staff to incorporate additional modules into their system. “The process was awesome,” Dan reports. “We had no problems, no flaws. We walked right through it. The Time & Material Module has been a real time-saver. We’re getting our invoices done quicker and getting paid quicker. The Inventory Module works very well.”

He adds, “Support’s been wonderful. We call in and get a call right back.” If Midwest Environmental doesn’t find the answer with FOUNDATION’s in-system help, or even if they don’t use the software’s log-a-call feature, a live Foundation receptionist answers and logs their details. A client services representative then takes the call and personally follows up until it’s resolved to the company’s satisfaction. “It’s been nice — you’re not just a number on the list.”

“We’re very pleased,” Dan concludes. Now he sees FOUNDATION doing what he recognized it could from the start — and he works with a company that can always help him get more from it. “We’re pleased to be part of a team with FOUNDATION.”


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