Books on the Foundation Software bookshelf
02 November 2018

Foundation at Play: Books on Books on Books

Books on the Foundation Software bookshelf

With fall officially underway in Northeast Ohio, the season of gray days and cold winds is upon us. Which means it’s the perfect time to stay indoors and take a mental vacation — preferably by curling up with our next employee-run group: a Foundation Software book club.

Started by client services representative, Beth Myers, the Foundation Book Club came together as a way for her to continue the work she’d enjoyed through her years of serving local libraries. “I was involved in multiple book discussion groups there, as a leader and participant,” she explains. “I wanted to share this love of reading with co-workers, so I jumped at the chance to form a book discussion group.”

However, a love of reading wasn’t her only motivation for starting the club. “I want to read a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction titles so that the group can read titles they wouldn’t normally consider,” she says, “maybe push people out of their comfort zone so they think in a different manner or see things from a different perspective. I think people, myself included, miss out on a lot of good reading just because a title is not something we would pick ourselves if we were browsing the library or bookstore. I have been in several book discussion groups over the years and find that I am glad that I read books that were discussed, even if I would have never picked them myself.”

Favorite books of the Foundation Software employee book club

Presently, the club sticks to “Book Club in a Bag” titles that are available free from the Medina County District Library system. This arrangement allows members to pick up books directly from Beth rather than having to track down a copy themselves. As they make their way through the Medina library’s series, however, they plan to expand their options.

And with the new range of books, there’ll be new avenues for conversation — which is one of the biggest joys of the club. “I have discussion questions that we use as a starting point to talk about our observations, thoughts, and feelings about the book we have read,” Beth says. “And we have just had some great conversations about each of the books so far.”

As for her own favorites, “It’s difficult to pick just one! My favorites are To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, The Good Earth by Pearl Buck, and A Secret Gift by Ted Gup. The first two are just classics that I’ve read over and over again as if visiting with a good friend—they are comforting to me.”

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