2018 Foundation Games logo
09 August 2018

The Inaugural Foundation Games Bring Home the Gold This Summer

This July saw the beginning of a new Foundation tradition, an interdepartmental competition to exceed all others — where winners would take home more than bragging rights and losers would reap the benefits of free ice cream.

It was dubbed The Foundation Games.

Foundation Games logo

It all started with an idea from one of the Employee Appreciation Committee members, but once introduced, it snowballed. “Once we got the sign-up results in and saw how many people were interested in participating, our event grew from a couple games of corn hole in the parking lot into a full-fledged competition — eight events, two days of competition, brackets, engraved medals, even an event logo,” says Caitlyn Ryan, internal marketing and communications coordinator.

Sixty-one people competed across eight events, including HORSE, cornhole, Wii Bowling, foosball, 2×400 relay, ping-pong, checkers and Mario Kart. And it was clear from the start that some people had decided to go all in, sporting matching team shirts, performing intricate handshakes and shouting team chants.

Even for those casually participating, it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement once the games began. “After I saw how good everyone else was, I thought to myself ‘Wow, I thought I was decent . . . but dang’ — So, yeah, it was more competitive than I had anticipated, which made it a lot more enjoyable.” says webmaster Scott Freeman.

And it was that competitive atmosphere that ended up getting everyone else involved, too. Between the hours of 9am and 3pm the building turned into a competitor’s playground. Spectators crowded into the backs of rooms and hovered at windows just to watch the action unfold.

“Our intention for the Foundation Games was to get as many employees involved as possible,” says Ryan, “to bring together competitors from every department and across all levels of management to try to promote a sense of camaraderie . . . Honestly, it couldn’t have gone better.”

Plans for next year are already underway!