The Future of Field Data Collection and Payroll Processing

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The Future of Field Data Collection and Payroll Processing
03 April 2020

The Future of Field Data Collection and Payroll Processing

Guest Contributor: Ryan Connors, Raken

On payroll processing day, there are few things more frustrating than reviewing timecards only to find that they’re incomplete, illegible or missing entirely. Even if your company uses a paperless time-recording system, manually transferring data takes hours of your time and increases the chance of human error. You can eliminate extra steps and guarantee accurate payroll every time by using software that seamlessly imports timecard information into your payroll processing system.

Bring the Field Into the Future

Over the last two decades, construction technology has significantly improved office workflows. The field, however, has been underserved and slower to adopt new tech. While you may be efficiently using accounting software in the office, if the field is still submitting scanned, handwritten documents, then you’re not operating at peak efficiency.

You can upgrade old-school field reporting methods with digital tools that assist with field workflows and streamline communication between the jobsite and the office. Mobile applications allow field personnel to create and submit reports while walking the jobsite. Not only does this ensure more accurate data collection but it also enables them to wrap up their day faster instead of having to log information in the trailer when they’re ready to go home.

Utilizing mobile field management tools helps you get accurate, thorough reports from the jobsite, and individuals out in the field will be more inclined to provide daily progress updates with an easy-to-use tool — a win-win.

Seamless Integration

Your tech tools are only as powerful as their ability to work with each other. If your field management software doesn’t integrate with your payroll processing program, entering digital timecard data will waste nearly as much time as transferring information from paper timesheets.

Integrated construction apps make payroll processing easier than ever. When all of your field information integrates with your accounting software, you eliminate the need for manual entry and can get your field crews paid faster.


Ryan Connors is the Director of Business Development for Raken, the #1 easiest to use app for construction field management that streamlines communication between the office and field. Raken offers solutions for daily reporting, safety, production tracking, and time cards.

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