How to Hire, Manage and Grow Efficiently

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How to hire manage and grow efficiently
07 October 2020

How to Hire, Manage and Grow Efficiently

Guest Contributor: Amy Bourne, Arcoro

Being without the appropriate tools can sink a business, as can a crew or team that isn’t motivated. While bull floats and truck-mounted cranes may bring a job home, you need a different set of tools to secure a team of employees that will lay the foundation for a strong, competitive enterprise. Such tools should bring agility and efficiency to managing your workforce.

The right tools for HR challenges are the ones built on a clear understanding of your industry and its most common challenges. They are the tools with deep functionality. In other words, they have a comprehensive set of features, strategically developed to address specific needs.

But beyond basic HR tasks, as a company you need to be prepared to bring your top performance to every touchpoint with employees as you hire, manage and grow, which we’ll examine more here. If a tool helps you bring a more skillful approach to these endeavors, it would be tough to dispute its value.


Were you aware that 60 percent of candidates are likely to abandon the application process halfway through if it becomes too long and complicated? Or that over two-thirds of employees say they’ll stay with a company for three years if their onboarding experience is positive?

To hire competitively, you need to reach far and wide and impress applicants and candidates from the get-go. Agile hiring means offering a user-friendly application process, responding swiftly to applicants, and moving candidates a step further in the process at every touchpoint. This burden is difficult to shoulder without help, especially when everyone in your company has a full plate of responsibilities apart from scouring job boards and handling the time-consuming interview process.

Targeted communication with applicants that ensures they don’t feel ignored or neglected is key as they move between dispositions, from applicant to candidate to interviewee and, eventually, new hire. For federal contractors, efficient hiring also means building VEVRAA and AAP compliance into your process so you don’t have to scramble to cover all your compliance bases afterward and waste twice the time.

A good Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can make the process smooth and successful rather than clunky and difficult. The right ATS will deliver efficiency while reducing time and paperwork with features like simultaneous job board posting, email templates, candidate ranking and candidate batch review. Such a tool should feature built-in VEVRAA Section 803 and AAP compliance checkpoints rather than leaving this task outside the hiring workflow. It should also ensure the applicant experience is simple with password-free mobile apply process, removing barriers for potential hires.

Finally, a great ATS will transfer information seamlessly into employee onboarding files, eliminating steps and errors when bringing on new employees. Onboarding software, in turn, should provide a warm welcome to workers and reinforce all company information the new hire may have heard in passing or seen in an employee handbook. It should allow new hires to complete paperwork online prior to day one, and should support regulatory compliance with I-9 assistance as well as ID confirmation.

With onboarding software, you’ve easily collected most if not all employee data to enter those new workers into payroll. Being able to sync the data to an accounting or ERP program used by the company saves even more time.


Once hiring is complete, new employees can’t be expected to just carve out their own path to success. Employee benefits, performance reviews, and growth opportunities as well as positive relations with management all make workers feel valued and part of something bigger that they’re motivated to contribute to.

Efficient benefits management means providing employees the benefits details they need — no more or less — to avoid confusion and ensure optimal support. At least 64% of companies have turned to digital solutions for benefits management, according to the Guardian Workplace Benefits Study. This gives employees the visibility they need when questions arise (often before or after work hours).

HR software that can simplify benefits open enrollment with rules-based eligibility and even provide Affordable Care Act (ACA) support is a huge time-saver for growing HR departments as well as businesses that steadily bring on new hands.

Agile labor management also means using technology to track workers and their activities without the headache or time drain of time cards or paper timesheets. With the San Francisco Chronicle reporting that 30% to 50% of most businesses’ gross revenue is spent on labor costs, accurate time and attendance tracking is paramount. But time and attendance software should also streamline data collection, enabling project managers and others to cross-reference hours and activities for more efficient project reporting and bidding.

The best available time and attendance software for construction will have true and complete integration with FOUNDATION or your other choice of accounting software.


Mountains were never moved without aspirations and goals. This goes for your workforce as much as for your business. Keeping communication lines open and paving pathways for growth is much easier when you have a system in place for ongoing feedback and training.

Efficient growth is achieved through regular and thorough performance reviews. Employees not only benefit from feedback, they crave it, early and often. But if it’s only positive, they know it’s not sincere and they don’t get much benefit from it.

Reviewing employee performance for a dozen or more employees alongside your daily demands takes foresight, discipline and careful organization. A digital performance management system that helps you automate review schedules and provides tools for goal-setting and results-tracking makes continual feedback and growth possible.

Providing training to workers who need it in an organized, timely fashion — i.e. not waiting until it becomes an emergency or a response to an accident — is also easier with cloud software. Training can be almost anything under the sun, although a reliable HR software will offer built-in access to important OSHA courses. According to, more than half of employers use training and development to make up for talent gaps at their companies.


The right tools don’t just suffice for completing isolated tasks. Physical tools improve accuracy and efficiency on the job site, while digital tools have the power to streamline management throughout an organization — giving your business the resilience to survive, and even thrive, in any storm. Learn more about the tools that can help you hire, manage and grow efficiently and effectively today.



As content supervisor at Arcoro, Amy Bourne has developed in-depth knowledge of the industry’s business challenges through interviewing and writing about construction contractors, HR and payroll administrators for the last seven years.

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