15 February 2019

Love Your Competitors, But Not Too Much

It’s always good to come out on top.

I’ve always thought you have two choices when it comes to competition: you either let it overwhelm you and view your competitors as enemies or you use it to push you forward and see your competitors as friends. I tend to choose the latter.

When Foundation Software first started, we had a lot of competition. Companies would come out with a new product or service that we didn’t have, and I’d spend a few days worrying over how we were going to keep up. However, I saw our competitors as good people with good products, ones I’d made friends with over drinks at trade shows and events. And competing with them drove me to a higher standard.

Even now with fewer players on the field, I appreciate the competition and refuse to get complacent, because the market could change. So I say lean into that competition, appreciate your competitors, and at the end of the day do your best to kick their . . . associations.


Fred Ode