24 May 2019

My #1 Investment Tip

Fred Ode's Graduation

Here’s me at the end of another long-term investment.

Some people invest in the stock market; I prefer to invest in people. Employees are one of the greatest assets a company has, and, ultimately, they’re the ones that are going to drive your business forward. So investing in them means investing in the future.

Take, for example, our industry — software. For years the demand for skilled software developers has exceeded the supply, which has slowed potential progress for many companies. In response, we decided to make a long-term investment by hiring a university professor on full-time to create a course for “home growing” our own software developers.

It’s taken some time — and money — but after months of planning, I’m happy to say we have an intensive 9-month track and a 3-month track in place. We also have 12 entry-level developers finally getting their start. Some of them may choose not to stay with us. We understand that risk, and we’re OK with it. They’re an investment — and like the stock market, there’s always a risk.

But I think the payout, in the end, is far greater.


— Fred Ode