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03 February 2014

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Where Can A Contractor Looking To Outsource Payroll Find An Effective Solution? 

Mike Ode: The most important thing a contractor needs to know when looking to outsource its payroll is that there are options beyond the well-known providers. Many contractors turn to services that cover multiple industries and only scratch the surface when it comes to the complexities of construction payroll. As a result, contractors still end up doing part of their payroll manually, or over-paying for customization.

Contractors looking for a payroll service that will work for a construction company should dig a little deeper. Search for a payroll service that’s focused solely on the construction industry. Construction-specific payroll services do exist and are often run by construction industry experts that understand the intricacies of your payroll and can set up and support your company.

Find out if the service has the features your company needs to increase office productivity. For instance, a good construction-specific payroll service will automate pay rates based on job, location and trade, track burden and overhead, and offer reporting and mobile solutions for remote data entry. For companies doing prevailing wage work, it’s important to make sure the service can manage fringes and handle certified payroll without having to outsource the task. The best way to see what a service is capable of is to schedule a demo, watch it work and ask questions.

In the end, it’s all about what works for your company, but a payroll service just for construction is a great solution for many contractors that are looking to effectively handle their payroll.

*Published in Construction Executive

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