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busybusy offers three separate ways to track time, while also managing job site liability.

  1. Employees can individually clock in & out with Industry-leading GPS.
  2. Supervisor Tools allows for Crew Leads & Foremen to clock-in and out their entire crew. They can also update job codes, edit their guys’ time cards and more.
  3. Kiosk mode (punch clock) with facial recognition allows everyone to clock-in and out on one device while also confirming they took their allotted breaks and didn’t have an injury that day.


  • Employee and Equipment Tracking
  • Daily Reports
  • Project-specific & customizable Cost Codes
  • Scheduling
  • Photos & Notes w/ Project & Employee filter options
  • Customizable Clock-in/ Clock-out questions
  • Real-time Budget tracking per project
  • Safety Reports


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