Brian, Fred, and Kevin Ode
12 July 2019

Passing the Torch by Sharing the Flame

Brian (left), Kevin (right) and their old man (center)

My first CPA conference, I was nervous and a bit of a loner. I didn’t know anybody, and I doubt anyone knew me. Twenty years later, those relationships are something I’m extremely proud to share. They took decades to develop. And at 69, as I continue working to set the stage for the next generation of Foundation’s leadership, both of my sons know one of their most important responsibilities is to continue the relationships I started.

That’s why at this year’s CICPAC conference, my sons Brian and Kevin will be attending in my place, and whenever we get to see you at a CPA event, you’ll likely be seeing more of them than you will of me. Having been working on this transition for a decade — and with more work still to do! — I’m excited to make a little more space for them to step into the relationships that have given me and this company so much.

Thanks for looking out for my boys. I know you’ll make them feel welcome


— Fred Ode