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Construction Reporting

What Is AIA Billing? [VIDEO]

Get a quick video overview of what AIA billing means for contractors and how it works differently from ordinary construction billing.

4 Cash Flow Management Mistakes Construction Companies Make

Cash flow management is a constant challenge for construction businesses of all sizes. Contractors must know how to manage cash flow well to succeed, and a big part of that is identifying mistakes that compromise cash flow as they happen — and then addressing them right away. Here's how.

How to Allocate Construction Overhead in FOUNDATION®

FOUNDATION offers three standard ways to customize, allocate and track your construction overhead. See how we give you options to distribute shared costs to your projects fairly, whether you're using payroll, job costing or the general ledger.

The Contractors Guide to New Revenue Recognition

There’s a new revenue standard in town. Taking effect is Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, which introduces the new “five-step model.” See what that means for you.

Construction Accounting 101: A Basic Guide for Contractors

While construction accounting and bookkeeping draws on many basic accounting principles, it has several important and distinct features. Dive in with an overview of the fundamental differences and examples, along with bonus learning resources.