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Foundation at Play

Foundation at Play: FORE!

Spring has officially sprung, as they say. And though the temperatures in Northeast Ohio may be refusing to stay above 40 degrees, the sunshine is enough to get people outdoors. Which is exactly where you want to be with the next group in our Foundation at Play series: The Disc Golf Club.

Foundation at Play: Calling All Wizards

Now that winter has officially arrived and the walking path is buried in snow, many members of our Foundation crew are opting to stay inside. One employee-run group has definitely carved out a space for themselves to keep the indoor action entertaining.

Foundation at Play: Books on Books on Books

With fall officially underway, the season of gray days and cold winds is upon us. Which means it’s the perfect time to stay indoors and take a mental vacation — preferably by curling up with a Foundation Software book club.

Foundation at Play: Crocheting for a Cause

Ever wonder what the Foundation employees get up to in their free time? In our new series “Foundation at Play” we’re taking an inside look at all the employee-run clubs that call Foundation Software home.