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7 Construction Management Books Contractors Love

Check out these contractor-favorite books that can help you avoid those common construction management pitfalls. Regardless of if you’re an industry newbie or veteran, construction management is hard. Learn from the best!

The Definitive Construction Accounting Glossary

In construction, we sometimes throw around a lot of words, acronyms and alphabet soup. Find out what we've been talking about the whole time as you jump around on our Definitive Construction Accounting Glossary, and zoom in on related articles to learn even more.

The Field Guide to Construction WIP Reports

You may have heard of work-in-progress reports or been asked to help provide information for them. So what's the big deal with WIP, and why does the field need to get involved? Plus, see a sample WIP report!

7 Steps to Start Your Own Construction Business

Construction is one of the top industries for startups. It also has one of the highest rates of failure. See how researching your market, drafting a plan and getting help can ensure you have a strong foundation to grow your business on.
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