12 December 2018

Finding the “U” in Gratitude

It’s important to take some time for self-reflection.

Given the season, I’d like to start this letter by encouraging you to remember yourself when you count your blessings. A thank you to “you,” so to speak. Because I think it’s important to give yourself credit where credit is due. And recognizing your own accomplishments puts you in a prime position to appreciate the contributions of everyone else.

Though it may seem cliché, the old adage that you have to love yourself before you can love others rings true. Acknowledging your own successes and the good that’s come from your hard work enables you to see the value in the work of others. It also makes your gratitude towards them all the more sincere.

For example, I can step back and accept that I did a lot to get Foundation to where it is today. I can also look at each employee that’s come in after me and gratefully acknowledge the unique changes and improvements they brought. And now with 300 employees, 5,000 clients, multiple professional partners and more, I have a lot to be thankful for.

So be thankful this month — just make sure you include yourself in the process.


Fred Ode