Picture of Fred
30 April 2020

Who Says I Need a Haircut?

Try and guess which picture is just after I woke up and which one is later in the day — I know it may be difficult to determine. I’m fortunate in that I don’t miss having hair, though there are a lot of other things I do miss, being in quarantine.

I miss the cadence of an active and vibrant office environment. I miss stopping by the local bar for a beer. Heck, I miss shaking hands.

I miss NORMAL. I miss it so much.

But these are the cards we’ve currently been dealt, and you work with what you have. So, although the economy is in a difficult situation, to put it mildly, I’m working to see this as an opportunity. Very simply, an opportunity to do the best we can to hold the ship steady — so to speak — and keep moving forward. To remain positive and embrace the challenge.

Because although there is a lot to miss, there is also the chance to do more, to position ourselves to be somewhere better when this all ends.

Be healthy, be strong.

Thank you,

— Fred Ode