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America's #1 Construction Accounting Software

Job Costing

With integrated construction job costing, simply create detailed budgets and powerful reports down to the penny.

Job Costing Module


Automate your complex payroll: prevailing wage rates, union fringes, different construction trades or tax jurisdictions.

Payroll Module

Project Management

Manage project documents, track and send correspondence, and steer your construction jobs in the right direction.

Project Management Module

Executive Dashboard

Gain quick insight with simple graphs and charts for a high-level financial overview of your construction business data.

Executive Dashboard


Use FOUNDATION mobile® to enter and submit timecard and job data back to the office right from the construction job site.


Document Imaging

Easily store, access and even route digital project documents. like RFIs, RFPs, change orders, submittals, and more!

Document Imaging

Is Your Accounting Software Working For You?

Off-the-shelf accounting software like QuickBooks® is used by thousands of small businesses, and they’re great programs. But they often don’t allow contractors to accomplish all they need to.

With construction accounting software, you can track financials and report critical, construction-related information like retainage, prevailing-wage rates, certified payroll, multiple trades, job activities, percent complete, change orders, POs and subcontracts, equipment usage, AIAs, union deductions and fringes, and much more.

If you’re using a general-purpose accounting application, you may not be running as efficiently or powerfully as you have the potential be as a contractor.

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Is FOUNDATION Construction Accounting Software Right For Your Business?