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A Foundation Software product, the WorkMax mobile app is an easy-to-use time tracking solution that collects field data in real-time, so you can be confident that your workers are in the right place, at the right time.

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WorkMax TIME Features

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Time Clock Functionalities

Using cloud capabilities, easily gather, manage and store all your labor hours in your system, regardless of where your employees are working.

  • GPS Location Stamps — Capture GPS location when employees punch in, change tasks and punch out.
  • Patented Biometrics/ Facial Recognition — Confirm all clock-ins with face-matching technology.
  • Pin Entry — 4-9 digits – no password needed.
  • Spanish Capabilities — Reduce language barriers with our multi-language interface.

Workforce Management

Gain greater visibility into your workforce by customizing the system to match you company’s scope.

  • Expanded Accessibility — The office staff can track employee time on any device from any location.
  • Plug and Play — Personalize WorkMax with add-on options and Flex Fields.
  • Custom Workflow — Employees can punch in, change tasks and punch out in real-time or  supervisors can clock an entire group on or off in seconds.
  • Seamless Integration— Eliminate data overlap by pairing WorkMax with FOUNDATION® construction accounting software.
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Maintain Compliance

Build a complete data trail to easily handle state compliance.

  • Wage Orders — Easily certify all break times and verify overtime compensation.
  • Compulsory Start and Stop Times — Sign and approve logged hours and breaks at the end of the workday.
  • Mobile Signatures — Virtually capture employee signatures on timecards for unlimited pay periods.

It is a very easy app to use and it has helped me track my labor costs for each job. I would definitely recommend WorkMax to any company that is looking to get rid of the paper time clock.

Caren Hughs, Customer

Compliance Tracking

Build a complete data trail to easily handle state requirements

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