Purchase Order & Subcontract Software


The FOUNDATION® Purchase Order / Subcontracts Module helps contractors track purchasing and subcontracted labor right inside of their construction job cost accounting software.


Purchase Order & Subcontract Software Features


Committed Cost Control

Enter or import construction purchase orders and subcontracts to track cost commitments easily, from pending status to approval, as well as change orders.

  • Assign lump sum amounts, set aside retainage or add line-item detail.
  • Set allowable variance limits for construction expenses, plus sales and use tax.
  • Print or email custom POs, subcontracts and change orders with your company logo.

PO and Subcontract Management

Save key information, documents and emails to your purchasing and subcontractor records — keeping everything organized and searchable.

  • Maintain complete correspondence logs with email integration.
  • Receive alerts for expired insurance certificates.
  • Add documents and custom information fields to subcontractor records.

Purchasing and Subcontract Reporting

Monitor committed expenses at the level of detail you want, all tied to your A/P, job costing and inventory with complete cross-module integration.

  • Report detailed status of committed costs by job.
  • View inventory receipts by purchase order.
  • Design custom committed cost reports.

Being able to see the POs as they’re received and easily matched up with invoices is great.

Tricia Companey – Director of Finance & Accounting
SolarCraft Services, Inc.

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